This is My Psychosis

Crashing Happiness…

If you noticed- I haven’t been posting 100 day challenges. Got my heartbroken. So, that’s enough of that for a while. Advertisements

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Dead. D-E-D.

Death can come unexpected but sometimes, it looms like an omen or flashes like a huge neon sign in the middle of Time Square. However way it comes- unannounced or … Continue reading

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Trying to write but…

Everything has its own place in its own time. However, this does not prevent people from trying to claw their way towards a want.   

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People Are Like The Tide

People will always come and go into our lives. This is what I know for sure. There could be a hundred reasons and a hundred ways or whys. Some will … Continue reading

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Octopus and Ninjas

I get easily attached to people. I never really acknowledged it before but finally, it has bitten me on the ass a tad too many times that I have no … Continue reading

August 28, 2013 · 3 Comments

Hello again…

Hi… i’m alive.. yes…  I’m too busy to blog actually. I kind of forget about writing in here because I am quite immersed in story writing. Oh, I finished my … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby! :D (PG-13)

If you were wondering where did that last post come from, it’s from my bust line! Yes, the thought has sprouted from some of my experiences with guys who only … Continue reading

March 8, 2013 · 4 Comments