This is My Psychosis

You’re far away but I don’t mind- my love for you goes beyond space and time.

Long distance relationships are never easy. It’s frustrating, exasperating and heart-wrenching. It’s like trying to hold the hand of someone who is on the other side of a glass wall, you only feel the cold and empty space that is between you. Life teases you relentlessly because you can hear each other’s voice and declare your undying love but never touching, kissing or hugging. Sometimes, your longing for that someone completely consumes you that it gets suddenly hard to breathe. You just want to stop what you are doing and pine. You count the days until you get to be together, millimeters apart, feeling each other’s breath fan across your contented sleeping face. You get crazy and think of the hundred million impossible ways to be where your love is, frustrated at the gazillion hindrances and challenges fate is hurling at your every step.

How can you allow your soul to be rent apart this way? How can you allow your heart to be continuously beaten, bruised and taunted by distance? How can you go through another day, hour or minute without holding the one who truly comforts you?

Yes, long distance relationships are torturous and can make you go insane.

But, if you have found the one who is worth it, you will never mind going through the paces and phases over and over until such time you are finally able to catch up with the universe’s plans with you and the one you love forever holding hands.


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