This is My Psychosis

People Are Like The Tide

People will always come and go into our lives.

This is what I know for sure.

There could be a hundred reasons and a hundred ways or whys.

Some will leave and disappear forever while others manage to stay a comfortable distance while sending their occasional greetings and whatnot.

There will be people who stick with you until they can continue leeching off you. Yes, apparently, leeches have evolved as well and have been milling, living as human beings for a long time. They usually converge with the also evolved parasites. These types of people are the ones who will usually enter and exit a gazillion times in your life. You can either allow them to suck you dry or you can just sever all ties once and for all.

Of course, there are people who stay in your life. They are the constant ones, like the north star. They serve as your light and your support system. They are honest, loyal and true. These are the ones I deem to be my soul mates because the connection you have with them is extraordinary. It’s like all of you have bluetooth connections exclusively for one another’s use and you understand, see and get things the same way without much talk.

I guess, it’s safe to say that we should never be afraid to lose a person or if a person decides to leave us. We all have our own callings and our own comings and goings. We do not hold people with a tight grip nor do we put leashes on them to ensure that they will remain with us.

Those who want to remain will find their own way to stay with you. Those who do not care are meant to leave so do not hold them back. Remember, there are also those who are just passers-by…


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