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Anybody Who Can Help?

Hi! I’m being ambitious with my writing and I have been really plowing it out on Wattpad with my story “My Dearest Sofia” 🙂 

I kind of have my moments when it all flows and then moments when I just stare blankly and forget everything- yes, even some of the characters names. I know it’s normal and all. Yes, I do battle so much with tenses and sometimes grammar- although, I have not gone through the bloody battle that is called “editing” but as soon as I finish the whole thing, I’m going to dive right into that boiling vat of ache. Woot!

Anyway, I just thought that perhaps there are some people here on WordPress who can give me advice in terms of writing fiction and the likes. I don’t really care if you are published or not. I just want to get my head wrapped around this… 

Andddd… I’m looking for inspiration. 

I already have around 2,710 reads on my story and it might be small but the surge I got from advertising really helped. Unfortunately, the readers leave no comments so I don’t know if they like it or hate it.

It’s just like the word “Okay” or the phrase “it’s all right” – you don’t really get much from that. If they say “It sucks” then that would mean it isn’t turning out to be as good as I feel that it is… or if they say “This is great, keep writing” then that simply implies I’m getting somewhere… BUT, not getting comments is like hearing them say “ahm-’s fine.” or “it’s okay” which does not really give me direction or the drive. 

I know at this point i’m writing from the heart and disregarding the rules of grammar etc… however, I would love to hear about your own experience in writing and again, hearing a good thing or two about it.

Any advice is greatly welcomed!



3 comments on “Anybody Who Can Help?

  1. jaynefranks
    February 27, 2013

    Hi there. Your right getting no feed back is as good as getting something and nothing. I suppose if you love writing, and you do it to amuse yourself because it gives you a sense of purpose and meaning then should it really matter what people think?

    • koisevilla
      February 27, 2013

      well, part of creating is to know how your creation becomes part of the circle of life… plus i do want to know that i engaged people… ü

      and if i plan on becoming an author someday and see my book on a shelf where people get to buy it, i definitely should pay attention to what makes or breaks my writing, right?

      but in a way i agree with you and thanks for the comment! i appreciate it a lot!


  2. withheldindarkness
    March 1, 2013

    I am still yet to publish any of my creative writings online … poetry has been my “poison” so far online. Although I am hopefully to publish a story within the next week. I found a good way to get comments has been to look at other blogs, and find bloggers who give constructive comments on their blogs. Then I navigate to their blog, see if there is anything I like, and then leave a constructive comment myself. I find a lot of the time this leads to them then visiting my site and leaving a constructive comment. I think it is important to realise that you must leave constructive comments to get such in return. I am not overly familiar with wattpad, but I would imagine you could do similar … that is find a author you like, leave a constructive comment (or follow those that have left such comments).

    That’s about all I can recommend (other than paid schemes). Hopefully it gives you some help or ideas. Thanks for sharing.

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