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Baby Love

Baby Love

I cannot begin to describe the love I feel for my niece, Johanna Lexine. She is just an adorable little angel and has a sweet disposition (except when she’s extremely hungry- then, it’s like releasing the hungry tiger from the cage to give it leave to chase you!)

I dabble in drawing a little bit. I don’t do it as often as I would like to and sometimes I can’t draw a decent thing to save my life. I guess it’s some sort of a talent that just surfaces when it wants to or when the mood comes.

I just had this vision of my niece’s photo in my head and I instantly got that tingling feeling in my hand and heart that makes me want to grab that pencil and paper.

Sometimes, if I am too busy or lazy, I let the feeling pass and often I regret it because I keep thinking about what I could have drawn if I just got up and grabbed my stuff…

But with this drawing of my niece, I did not think twice nor did I procrastinate.

It was really weird and a bit profound because I can see her so vividly while I was drawing. I used a photo but as I got into the thick of it, I was relying on my mind’s eye.

She is pretty close to my heart.

Of course, I figured that most of the inspiration had come from our “playtime” an hour or two earlier. She was just so talkative at barely 3 months old! She laughs a lot and murmurs stuff you can only imagine to comprehend.

Children, especially babies, are precious! They really do bring joy to the heart like nothing else.

If you have nieces, baby cousins, sons and daughters or grandchildren, do not forget to hug and kiss and play with them every single moment. Don’t forget to teach them and explore life with them.

Remember, this stage comes only once and the memories one can create is beyond magnificent.

Go on! Love your baby love this instant!


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    February 21, 2013

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