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The Usual Post-Valentine Blog

Hello people of the blogsphere!

How was everyone’s Vday? I hope everyone had a great romantic time with your better (or bitter) halves! If you are single like me, then I severely hope that you had great friends and family members to celebrate the day with.

I hope the happy hearts continue all through your lives!

As for me, well, this year’s valentine’s day was extra special because my baby brother, out of the blue, declared that he is treating me and my younger sister out for dinner! Imagine that?

Don’t be surprised of my incredulous reaction. If you knew my brother and how he would rather spend every waking hour of his free time with his girlfriend, then you too would be shocked (although, pleasantly shocked) if he comes to your room late at night and says “Tomorrow night, we’re having dinner, it’s on me!”

So yes- I am one of the luckiest sisters in the world! ❤

I think that when your younger brother takes you out on Valentine's Day (without you having to drop hints or threaten physical harm) is worth more than a gazillion roses or chocolates!

Definitely, February 14, 2013 is EPIC! 😀

Here's a photo! 😀

siblings and niece <3


One comment on “The Usual Post-Valentine Blog

  1. koisevilla
    February 15, 2013

    thank you for liking 😀

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