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I see a lot of Valentine’s day stuff on Facebook people’s status.

Normally, I would cringe. I used to want to vomit and then slash my wrist for good measure when I see people talking about hearts day. However, thanks to some great growing up and practical thinking, I’ve resorted to blogging ever since.

As I went through a whole lot of valentine’s day alone (and believe, when I say a whole lot, I really mean a gazillion times) my reaction and feelings for the certain day has aged. I wish that when I say that it has aged like a fine wine, it will be completely true. As of press time, I am glad to report that there is no trace of bitterness or sorrow that crossed the threshold of my mind and heart- yet.

I won’t deny that there’s a pang of “longing” and wishes but these have been reduced from full-blown self pity to a small smudge of amusement. Don’t misinterpret the thought though. I do think it would be nice if I really had a date or a boyfriend/husband to share the day with and be mushy-lala. However, I guess I just came to a point where it is not such a big deal anymore.

I am happy that I have friends and family to celebrate V-day with and that is something to be thankful for if you really think about it. A lot of people don’t even have families and homes to keep warm and be safe in on February 14. So, why should my “being single” be worse?

I do want to be in a relationship. I want to be in love and have some guy crazy over the moon in love with me. But, I’m not going to be bitter about it. I will celebrate the LOVE for life. Besides, if I do happen to meet the man of my dreams and I become his queen, for sure, it will be valentine’s day everyday. I’ll make sure of that!

So, for the first time, my pre-Valentine’s blog will not be a sob story or a rant-fest. It will be fun as any day should be- whether you are single or happily attached.

Here are some of the funny FB posts I read today:

“Valentines Day- Feast of the Ampalaya! A celebration of Bitter People!” **what’s Ampalaya in English?**

“I wish I had a boyfriend on Valentines day. I want ten of them so that I can line them up and shoot them one by one!”

“Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. I call it DOOMSDAY”

“Feb 14 is not Valentine’s Day. It’s SINGLE AWARENESS day!”

“SO, You’re single on Valentine’s day? HAHAHAHAHAH…. Me too :(”

“Tomorrow’s the 15th of February. How fast time flies… Oh, you have 14 on your calendar? Funny, mine doesn’t!”

THERE YOU HAVE IT.. these are just the few that caught my eye. 😀

Feel free to share/comment your own thoughts on Valentines day 😀



  1. koisevilla
    February 13, 2013

    Oooh..this just in…

    “How come february only lasts up to the 28th? Why not end at 13?” LOL

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