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Stop the Hatin’! Cease the Judgin’ :D

Stop the Hatin'! Cease the Judgin' :D

“Never Judge a Person By the Color of Her/His Skin”

You would think that after reading and experiencing history, people would know better.

You would expect that with all the advance technology and the great leaps made for mankind, people would be more open and accepting.

You would think that after personally experiencing the pain and humiliation of being judged, a person would be more caring and careful.

Alas… There are still those who have not learned a single thing.

I teach in a school run by RVM or sisters. In this university (the same as any other university) welcome foreign exchange students to study and take courses. Some of them are people with different skin color.

You would expect that being Filipinos, some of the university’s students would know about discrimination and being seen in a negative light because of belonging to such race.

Unfortunately, the sad truth is that, there are some students inside campus that are quick to stare rudely or make jokes about the exchange students. I know this because students talk and I heard one of them saying that one of the exchange students said something about being laughed at or ogled in a discomforting manner.

It is really quite disappointing and exasperating. Really!

I wish there would be a time when being racist or discriminating is completely eradicated. It does not do anybody good.

What’s important is the heart of a person and what he or she chooses to do with his or her life.

“Don’t judge a book… if you can’t even read!” -my own quote.

One’s ignorance should never be an excuse.


2 comments on “Stop the Hatin’! Cease the Judgin’ :D

  1. thehappyhugger
    February 12, 2013

    I couldn’t agree more. Well said.

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