This is My Psychosis

Because You Are Worth It…

Because You Are Worth It...

I was feeling a little bit off and I felt I was going to get sick. So, after helping a friend go to the seamstress for her important dress and then helping her buy cloth and the whole enchilada, I let my feet drag me (or technically, the escalator did…but details, details…)

I was trying to decide whether to go home or go back to school and give my students their midterm examination early.

Then I decided to just take a break and treat myself to something good. I was feeling a little bit hungry and all…

I decided to try Red Mango (been meaning to try it for so long but I never seem to take a step inside their shop…)

I got my mango smoothie and heart-shaped waffles with blueberry and cream cheese. They were yummy and it was an inexpensive delight to my complaining tummy.

As I was enjoying my food, feeling extra better, I noticed the signage or the words by the Yogurt counter…

“Treat Yourself Well”

Yes, Red Mango…. I just did! ❤


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