This is My Psychosis


Okay… To those who have been diligently and religiously following my blog… HELLO!… and, I’m So Sorry I haven’t been blogging for a while… okay, a long, long, long while…

I don’t know what happened. Truly! 

I had a run-in with love and hell- you would think I had a lot to blog about, right? But sadly, all it made me do is grow tired of blogging about my shitty love life and the disappointments in between. 

I guess you could say I needed to take a step back from all the grim and sappy blog posts I have been putting up for you guys to suffer for. I was getting overly engrossed with broadcasting this and that about me to a point that I felt overexposed and jaded. 

I also felt whiny and selfish and a drama queen. 

So, I stopped blogging without notice. I wanted to open up the page and write but at the same time, the thought of it was too taxing. I kept giving myself excuses not to write; I was procrastinating so much that eventually, it happened. I stopped blogging.

However, I never stopped writing. 

I ended up on Wattpad- I think I have a post that says so… I’ll have to check. I opened my wordpress and replied to comments then blogged. I haven’t perused my last post or anything. I just wanted to blurt all of these out. 

So anyway, I ended up not blogging but writing about other people. I wrote about stories that can happen only in the imagination of man or in movies. If you are interested, I’ll be posting links after this blog- so you can check them out (yes, you may call this as shameless promotion on my part)

But now, I’m okay. I think I am… ask me again come Valentine’s day… 

And, I am definitely back to blogging. 

To whoever is reading and following my blog still, I hope this makes you happy because I am HAPPY to be back! šŸ™‚



5 comments on “WHOA!

  1. koisevilla
    February 9, 2013

    thank you for liking beautiful people šŸ˜€

  2. prysmatique
    February 10, 2013

    Happy New Year Koi! I completely understand what you mean…I didn’t blog much myself because I was just whining about the same thing over and over. Valentine’s Day is kinda hard too…YOU JUST REMEMBER HOW DEPRESSINGLY SINGLE YOU ARE haha

    • koisevilla
      February 11, 2013

      HAHAHA the truth is, I try not to think too much about this being my nth valentines alone :)) I know there are a lot of people who have it worse and I guess, I kindda got used to it. Still, I’ll probably be whining inwardly and heaven-forbid me to blog about it hahahaha šŸ˜€

      I just hope everyone gets a happy ending with the prince charming ;D

      Happy new year to you too! Here’s to more awesome adventures in being single… hmmm.. makes me want to create a new blog detailing my boring love life hahahahaha


      • prysmatique
        February 12, 2013

        oh gosh it would be so awkward if one of the love interests came across it though šŸ˜¦

      • koisevilla
        February 12, 2013

        Hahaha super! :)) no rock huge enough to crawl under lol

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