This is My Psychosis

It’s a Girl Thing

If you are one of the people who know me well, you can guarantee that I rarely do girly stuff. I don’t really carry with me a comb or hairbrush- I usually just let my hair air dry and curl itself as it is naturally meant to do so. I wear jeans most of the time and shirt or polo shirt. Good thing I have started outgrowing my sneaker days. I do wear make up but it’s just eyeliner, mascara and a good lipstick (yes, i’ve suddenly developed an addiction for good lipstick) But basically, I don’t go to parlors, spas or have my hair and nails done. I just don’t really think about that stuff that much.

Oh, don’t mistake me as someone who is not vain because I AM LOL… vanity is a sin, I know but I’m not going to go overboard narcissistic on the world!I just enjoy taking photos of my face hahaha

Anyway, my sister and I decided to go get a mani-pedi. I did not know what happened but I splurged on myself. I got my eyebrows threaded, manicure and pedicure, foot spa and even got my nails painted red (favorite color). So, you might think that -AHA! Finally, I could not resist the girly-girl in me.

I confess, I loved the pampering. I even love, love and more love my red nails. However, after a few minutes of elation, I realized I regret having paid so much for a girly-girl moment. I thought of the books I could have bought or food. I thought about the full body massage I could have treated myself to instead.

So what’s the point of all this?


I just realized that the reason I’m not the “girly-girl” is because I just don’t really care for that much girl stuff. I like men. I like being a woman. But, I think the next time, I won’t be so gung-ho about splurging on foot spas and manicures.

I can be pretty someway else…


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