This is My Psychosis

One final rant…

Funny how it’s all fun and games until somebody loses an eye…

I got heartbroken but then I realized, the most irritating part of it all was the fact that he was not worth it. This person who I put high on my list ended up being a jackass. Please before you say that I’m being bitter, you should know the whole story and frankly, at this point, who cares, right? 

I got carried away by my feelings, longings and let the foolish girl in me take control. I wanted somebody who clearly shown that he wanted me as well but ended up being played a fool all because I was not up to par with his vital statistics expectations. I’m like, dude, you’ve ogled me and saw me all those times you were flirting and saying things to me. Now, you suddenly text me after we parted ways and then ask how I am, only to insult me? Wtf?

i did not run after you. I did not chase or throw myself at your feet or stalked. I left you alone ever since you gave me that Bullcrap of an excuse. So where do you get off telling me I’m not good enough as I am? You are tactless, rude, crude without breeding and most of all, arrogant! Get a clue! 

Ugh. Why did you have to text me? I was on the moving on phase. I was getting used to not seeing or talking to you and then you went and done that…what was the point of all these? Why? Why did you have to hurt me so much? I did not do anything to you. 

oh crap! 

I lost an eye. I lost sight of what was real, just and what I truly deserve.

it’s not you, asshole. 


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