This is My Psychosis


…does it make the heart grow fonder or does it make it go “wander”… ?

I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging much people… It’s because I have been bitten by the Wattpad bug. Yes… 


That’s the culprit.

I spend my free hours writing stories that I foist on people to read… (not that, that’s working very well…)

So there… 

I don’t have any drama yet to post about…no thoughts that stir the passion or shreds the soul…

Soon maybe… but for now… is where you’ll find me.. 😀

Any users out there? 

Leave your story link on the comment section and I’ll visit your Wattpad works… 😀 



2 comments on “ABSENCE…

  1. Sam373
    September 21, 2012

    There is a concept that few are willing to consider, it is that there are truly two that are me;
    body and soul.
    So often we speak in what ever modality to other couples and sound so spastic.
    It is because the primary couple are at odds and we speak truly with fork in tongue.
    Who speaks for us most often? This body with all of it’s sensory deprivation bull crap
    or this spirit person, with all it’s superfluous nonsense?
    If we could become one in every way, how much more we might not only understand but comprehend! Then we will truly have something to talk, write, sing and dance about.

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