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Just A Thought…

I am a singer.

I think that after performing for almost 15 years, I can claim this and call myself a singer.

I do not sing to be known or to gain fame. I sing because I love it. It connects me to another level of “being” and at the same time, in a way, I can connect with a lot of people. There’s such a joy in performing and singing your heart out -that is why, I cannot understand why some people (who can clearly sing) still opt to lip sync.

I understand that in some instances, you might need to have a recording of some sort but to actually just open your mouth and let that song flow is cheating. You are cheating your audience and you are cheating your self…not to mention, the person who originally recorded that music.

As a singer, I try my best to harness my craft; I train, listen and sing. I get criticized and lectured; scolded and taught -I take it all in stride. Frustrating and exasperating it may seem (not to mention self-esteem-bruising) I still find myself returning and practicing my craft. God gave me this talent as a blessing and I will use it until my very last breath.

That is why, it’s so disheartening to see people perform on stage, dance and then lip sync to another person’s voice. I mean, come on! If you are not going to do it live, then have the decency to at least record your own version, using your own voice! As a performer (singer) I cannot fathom singing on stage and then using somebody else’s voice. Really. I can never stomach it!

I will not claim to be of the purest heart…Have I sung with a recording on stage? Yes! But, the recording was done with my own voice! I have worked and worked all the same for that piece and because of some technical insecurities and issues during the live performance, there just wasn’t any choice but to have it canned. Plus, while on stage, I was singing live as well. But to actually go on stage, fool people that you are singing a song but in truth, you were using an original recording of somebody else – that is just sad.

I understand that not everyone is good at something. I can sing but I’m not a good dancer. Do I make somebody else dance for me? No. I try my best- I practice and practice until it’s showtime. Yes, I fumble and make mistakes but I do it knowing that I have done my best! I have tried my hardest! 🙂

I just hope people realize that it’s not just about putting up a great show or entertaining… it’s also about doing it with integrity and honesty.



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  1. koisevilla
    February 9, 2013

    thank you guys for liking 🙂

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