This is My Psychosis

o_0 ???

It’s true, I have grown tired of teaching in a classroom. This realization was further strengthened with the faculty meeting that I attended this afternoon. Do not get me wrong, I still love teaching however, past events have taken the joy out of it. I have lost focus and the enthusiasm so I think, as with other things that I tend to get tediously lethargic of, I need a break from it.

I have been teaching for a year and a half. My students have seen the mean side of me and the friendly one. I know they love me both ways. I have invested my heart and soul in that year and I guess, because of the machinations of other people with crab mentality, I want to stop for the meantime.

I don’t know if this has something to do with the fact that I find it quite difficult to get out of bed and leaving the house recently. I just want to be holed up and escape from the world which has too many ways of making one expect a lot of things -consciously and subconsciously. I am tired all the time and fighting depression.

I don’t know. I’m out of sorts. I’m off. I’m ugh.



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