This is My Psychosis


I am a singer. I have always felt incomplete and misplaced when I don’t or can’t sing (because of sore throat or colds). Would I say that it is my first love? Yes, but it ties with writing. In this aspect, I think it’s okay to have two loves (no cheating is happening -lol)

I am just really thankful and grateful. I am so blessed because I know that no matter how tumultuous things can be; no matter how bad everything may seem; no matter how far rockbottom I am in; in whatever time of sorrow, despair and loneliness – I know where I can come home to…(aside from praying) I know where to look for peace and that is when I sing or when I write… then I am ready to go out there and face the world again.

I fervently hope that each of us has this type of shelter; of solace. I wish and pray that everyone gets to have some semblance of family and love. I hope we have our beliefs; I pray we have our faith in Jesus or whatever higher Being people might believe in. I truly wish this for the world so that when the time comes, in each of our own darkest hour, we know that we will pull through.








2 comments on “Home

  1. A
    December 28, 2012

    Hi, you write really well! Really admirable. Well done! Maybe compile them into a book ?

    • koisevilla
      February 9, 2013

      Thanks πŸ˜€ I’m thinking about it.. πŸ˜€ sorry it took so long for me to reply… I kindda took some time off blogging and concentrated on writing stories πŸ™‚ Thanks for the wonderful comment πŸ™‚ God Bless yoU!

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