This is My Psychosis

Be TRY-umphant!

“We Didn’t Even Try…”

Ah, to be continuously tortured and tormented by two tiny words called “What” and “If” can be enough to drive any person insane. It’s true – regrets, especially of not having tried at all, can gnaw you on the inside until you are nothing but a hollow shell of frustration, self-loathing and anger. The worst part is that you have nobody to blame but yourself. One of the greatest and most difficult of battles are fought with one’s self.

So, as much as possible, let us grab every opportunity that we know we want to experience or have in our lives. Let us not let fear of failure or rejection get the best of us. Yes, it is inevitable that at some point (if not, most of the time) we will experience the pain and the disappointment. But at the end of the day, we know that we tried -that we gave it a shot; we gave that person a chance despite falling flat on our faces or getting battered and bruised…(now we know what not to do ever again, right?)

There is nothing but gain when it comes to trying -whether it be triumph or failure, we must consider it as something constructive. For some experiences, it might take a while to recover and for sure, there will be trauma. But what life has taught the many great people who failed and succeeded; those who have loved and lost -it’s the lesson that wounds heal. You will suffer the wounds of battle only for a span of time but the wounds of regret, it will not scab over or scar – it will just fester forever.



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