This is My Psychosis

Why Cheat?

I have not blogged anything cathartic for a while now. I’ve been mostly writing poems and doodling -or at least, that’s what I see myself doing when I have some out-of-body experience…Not really… I’m just making excuses. I guess I haven’t been compelled to write anything profound or deeply consequential for me or for you guys. Usually, I take it as a sign that my life has been quite monotonous. I’m standing on a deserted road with not a fork or a person in sight. I’m on a treadmill that does not do anything good for my weight and does not help turn the knobs and gears inside my head.

So, what has got me buzzed or at least, twitching enough to blog? Believe it or not, it’s cheating. Yes, this is the topic that usually stars in most of my blogs. I don’t know if it is because it has left an unsavory taste in my mouth (oh so many years ago) or because it is just something which eludes any form of reasoning. Again- I can never understand why people cheat on the people they claim to love or have sworn commitment to. Annnd… the fact that K-Stew cheated on RobPat so scandalously! (I find the whole thing funny -but yes, I feel bad for the person- still, it’s funny!)

Okay, that’s not necessarily true… I think I get the reasons why people cheat. I think what baffles me is why not just have a clean break or wear a sign on your forehead that says “I’m Not In A Committing Mood – I just really like you or have sex with you”? before you go bang somebody else. If you are in a relationship with someone and you realize that you have more reasons to cheat on that person than make eye contact -then, just say that it’s O-V-E-R! Don’t you dare say “Well then, it’s no longer fun coz it’s not cheating anymore!”

Well- DUH!

Don’t give crap about liking her but still loving you. Stop saying “It’s just a one time thing and it did not mean anything…” because obviously, the relationship you are currently in does not mean anything to you as well. It might have significance but it’s way past the poignancy that you would care for. It has become passé! blasé! And don’t think you can come crawling back after doing the deed and say it will never happen again -when you know that it surely will.

I just wish people who put themselves into a relationship would get it into their head that it isn’t just some garment they can choose to wear for a period of time and then disregard it because the season is over. Yes, it is all about TRIAL and ERROR but absolutely NOT about TRYING a person’s patience and sanity because of your CONSTANT ERRORS and lapse of judgement.

I know people cheat on each other in many ways. We all lie, steal and betray in different shades and hues. It doesn’t matter if you are a girl or a guy – there is always that option and choice to CHEAT. But I hope we all remember that there is also that option NOT TO. There is that choice of BREAKING ONE’S HEART UPFRONT rather than SNEAKING AROUND.

I know for a fact that I have never cheated on any of my relationships -I’ve thought of it but I could never really bring myself to cheat or be an accomplice to the crime. It doesn’t matter if I end up alone most of the time but at least, I don’t cause other people the pain and anguish of being cheated on. I know the feeling. It hurts like you are covered with bee stings upon knife wounds and 3rd degree burns.

Why on earth would I wish that on somebody else?





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