This is My Psychosis

In Sickness and In Health…


I have been feeling really sick (on and off) the past few days -no, make that weeks! Now, I have colds and fever. Good thing my sore throat has abated and it’s not that painful anymore. I just have to contend with clogged nasal passages and constant barking… I was able to go to work and write articles despite my sluggish and “uggh-ish” feeling. I even went out to do the grocery shopping anddddd cooked dinner plus made burger patties and spring rolls…(REST ASSURED, NONE OF MY VIRUS WENT TO THE FOOD- I MADE SURE OF THAT!- pardon my being gross! LOL)

Anyway, I guess the thought for the day is:

No Matter How Painful or Tiring Life is, It Can Be Soothed with a Dash of Positivity and A Great Big Smile!



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