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Have You Made Someone Smile Today?

I strongly believe in this:

If you are down and out, the best way to put a smile on your face is to help someone smile as well

I think it is true that when we feel a little lost and we feel like we are drowning, our only foothold to help us keep our head above water is to make it a point to make others happy. Instead of dwelling in our problems day in and day out (which does not help in fixing or finding solutions), let us shift our focus towards those who are troubled themselves.

I am not saying that your problems or feelings should be shrugged and is insignificant compared to those of others. My point is that when we are in a corner; with nowhere else to go and it seems that as of that given moment, we can’t breathe because we can’t find a solution for our troubles – Let’s help others solve theirs for the meantime. 

You will be surprised how easily you can breathe and smile when you’ve made others smile and you have helped them. In fact, it might give you an epiphany and aid you in dealing with your own woes. If we all help each other, the world is a lighter, happier place, don’t you think so?




One comment on “Have You Made Someone Smile Today?

  1. rohitsinghjain
    July 22, 2012

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