This is My Psychosis


If I had a dollar for every time I heard the word “Choosy” yesterday, I’d be able to buy myself something from LV or Coach. Again, if you’ve read through my blog, you might come across an entry where in I was talking about guys and having standards; not settling and actually choosing a guy because he embodies what you like most about a partner and in a person. And again, there is nothing wrong with that. However, it just feels like nails on a blackboard when a guy tells a girl that she’s choosy all because she doesn’t seem to be interested in him. 

First off mister, it is not nice to remind the lady why she doesn’t like you in the first place. Calling her “choosy” or making snide comments towards her will not help you cause. Really. It’s common sense. You can comment on something that you don’t like about the girl but you can be nice about it. Yes, it is a paradox but it can be done!

Next, you are not the be all and end all of masculinity. Don’t you think it says something negative about you when you say the girl is choosy? Especially if you are saying it in a way that implies “you’re as good as it’s gonna get”? What? She can’t do any better so she has to settle on you and not doing so would imply that she is doomed for a lifetime of blessed singleness? 

Okay, so the girl is choosy. It’s not as if she denies being so. She might be aiming high or looking for qualities impossible to be compounded in just one guy, but that’s her prerogative. If she fails, then let her deal with the consequences. Don’t try to be her knight in shining armor when you know you are not capable of being so and when you know that you are also probably just settling for her. 

It’s quite simple really. You don’t have to be the ideal guy. You don’t have to embody all the traits and expectations I might be looking for in a guy. Just because you lack a few points, it does not mean you don’t have a shot. Why don’t you prove to her instead why she should choose you? Why don’t you break down all her rules and show her that there is someone better than her ideals? Be proactive! Don’t be spiteful. Besides, if you really like her and you think you can love her, then go ahead -fight for her! Do battle! Hearts are won this way too, you know!

As for me, I don’t know. I might be doomed for the single life. I mean, I can cook but I don’t know how domesticated I can be. Of course, I dream of that guy -whoever he is. But then, I guess I’ll just keep on the track of not settling. 

Am I crazy?



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