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Love and Other Drugs

True love waits; it’s patient; it doesn’t give up; it perseveres…blah!blah!blah!

Hey, i’m all for being romantic and in a way idealistic when it comes to the matters of the heart and finding that one true, great love. But I guess, the reality is that people tend to overdose in it and they get addicted. In a sense, love becomes a drug that they cannot live without, no matter what sacrifices they have to make -yes, even if they lose their dignity or die trying to fix it.

How can you say that a person loves you when he beats you? How do you keep on saying “It’s all right, we can work this out!”? How many times should you shed tears, blood and cry in outrage because of something that person has done or said? When is the limit? When do you realize that you are high on love that it has become intoxicating and it is slowly ruining your life?

So when is too much? When is enough? If you stick it out for so long and you keep going back for more even if it is painful; repetitive and physically, mentally damaging -does that justify faith? If you say enough and break the sacred bond of marriage, would that say you are faithless? Where do you draw the line and when do you even start thinking of drawing it? How much pain should be inflicted? How many times must he cheat? How many people must she hurt or forget?

There are people who go to rehab so that they can get over their substance addiction. Shouldn’t there be rehab for too much love that you forget a sense of self and self preservation? Shouldn’t it that when too much of a good thing becomes something destructive, one should consider to cease and desist?

It’s not that I am all for condoning broken marriages, divorce or separation among partners. I’m just stating the fact that love can go wrong and no matter how strong the union should be or how religion-centered it is, there should always be that boundary… there should be an emergency exit.

Besides, if you pull things apart, it’s not necessarily destroying it forever. It’s just that sometimes, in order to be able to make something whole, you have to break it into pieces. You can’t fix a dilapidated house with just paint. You can’t paint over cracks and pretend that it’s never there and that it will hold together forever. You have to either break down the whole wall and erect a new one or just leave it open to make it safer, better…

I know it’s hard to be objective especially when it comes to wanting to hold your relationship together; to believe it steadfast and can weather any storm. But how can you fix something if you don’t acknowledge that it is broken? How can you say it works when it keeps on happening again?

I don’t know -maybe I am naive …what do I know right?

But still – think about it…



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  1. koisevilla
    July 2, 2012

    Thanks for Liking 😀

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