This is My Psychosis

To Be or Not To Be


That gnawing feeling when you want to give in to something but you know you must not because once you’ve fallen there’s no turning back. It’s funny because you know that there’s nothing but the losing end for you yet, you still sneak up and take a bite of that apple. You tell yourself it’s just a bite and besides you instantly spat it out so that makes it all right -you’re still sane…on the right side of morality. But are you? Are you even mentally stable to think that you are right where you should be?

You start to worry that you are trapped in a speeding train without breaks, headed for a crash. You are on that verge of choosing -jump and die or stay for a lie? The dilemma is suffocating until you just don’t want to breathe. Then, just as you are about to fail miserably and choose the lie -something happens. The person you are trying to fight for with your moral compass does something that eventually points you to the right direction.

Then you sigh with relief for being safe and you pat yourself at the back for not giving into temptation. Unfortunately, you know that you’re going to have to go through the same battle; the same cycle the very next day… How long before you let yourself give in?

Here’s the poem that I made to go with this entry: FORBIDDEN 

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One comment on “To Be or Not To Be

  1. koisevilla
    June 27, 2012

    Thanks for liking 😀

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