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This is not a movie review on Rock of Ages…

Rock of Ages… A lot of people seemed to think that the movie was bland and unsuccessful at “rockin’ out” 

I agree -well, sort of…

This is not a movie review so don’t expect too much…

First, I have to admit that the movie was flat. I felt like I would have enjoyed it on Broadway than on screen. Of course, nobody can deny the fact that Tom Cruise was different in the movie but the reason why it was flat was because the characters did not peak or change much. Yes, the hip-hop transition was a cute attempt at being funny but really, there was no real development in any of the characters…Oh okay, I give in… Russell Brand and Alec Baldwin’s dynamic duo and “moment” in the movie was pretty funny – a breather… as well as Malin’s and Tom’s. However, the rest were blah….

Second, Catherine Zeta-Jones -Chicago deja vu? 

What I did like was the scene when Drew came into the door and got startled that he said “JESUS!” and this mexican guy says “No, I Chico!”


Other than that… yeah… pretty okay.

How many popcorn stars or something? Hmmm… 3 out of 5…

I mean, come on – ROCK AND ROLL should be treated with some semblance of respect, right?



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