This is My Psychosis

Affirmation #2: I LOVE MY BODY

We can never be perfect. Never too tall or short. We can never be thin or fat enough. Our eyes are not nicely shaped and our noses are sometimes too flat. Our jaws are too weak, cheekbones -nonexistent and our foreheads can land a Boeing 747. 

It doesn’t matter how gorgeous we are or how confident we feel -there will be days (for some, months and years) where in we just don’t like a certain part of our body. We end up being too conscious and bothered by our “unbecoming” features that we let it bog us down and ruin a perfectly gorgeous day! 

I’ve been there and I’ve done that -a hundred times. I have fought with my weight; my face and legs -everything. But at the end of the day, it’s all about accepting these negative traits and treating them in a constructive way. Yes, I will forever have that muffin-top and that tummy- however, I am doing something about it. Not because I feel wretched but because I know I will feel more confident and look good in that skimpy shirt! 

We all need to love ourselves more! We need to see that one of our body’s quirks can be to our advantage. You might be big-boned but those big bones make up a confident, strong backbone! Funny bones! Helpful and courageous bones! Fats might not be fabulous to some but come nuclear winter era -let’s see who has the last laugh -right? 

Anyway, I am not posting to judge people. I’m posting this affirmation for everyone to realize that it’s okay to be you -all knobby knees and elbows. In fact, it makes you beautifully YOU!

So, next time you look into the mirror, try thinking about these:


I love my face. It has been my mom’s, her mom’s and a couple more women from my family tree. {Can be dad’s as well} This is a face that came from courageous, smart, funny, confident and strong people. This is the face that laughed in times of hardships and cried in times of sheer joy. This face represents the family I love and the people who will love me unconditionally for the rest of my life. Because of this face, I am SOMEONE in this world.

My eyes might not be as pretty or my nose, a little bit pronounced. It doesn’t matter because I see good and wonder with them everyday and with every joy, inspiration they see, people will notice it reflected from me. I don’t mind my small, big, flat, angular, broken nose – I use it to smell life and that’s what matters! My mouth’s too wide, lips too thin, pouty and never as perfect as Angelina – But, they are great! I can taste all the hues, textures and zest of what the world can offer me. I can create bridges; build people up and brighten somebody’s day with my mouth! My ears -they look weird – Still, it does not bother me because I hear sweet music; the laughter of my precious children and the sweet whispers of my partner.


My legs are bow-like; they are too thin. My ankles are too fat and I’m flat-footed. My thighs are the size of an elephant’s. I can’t fit into skinny jeans! However, I have climbed the mountains of everyday life with these legs. I have discovered nooks and crannies of possibilities; ran a good race for humanity with my feet. I can see the world and feel the earth underneath. I can do anything!

My arms and hands are not that pretty. I have knobby elbows and scars. I don’t like how much hair I have, my nails are a mess. But it does not matter because these hands put food on the table. These hands cooked family meals; helped the needy; held a bundle of joy. These hands wiped the tears from a person’s eyes and nursed those who were sick. These arms comforted people -stranger and loved ones alike. These arms have helped save lives; build relationships. These arms and hands have held the dearest people close to my heart. I am happy because of my arms and hands.


I am pear-shaped; I feel like one huge blob. My tummy’s more pronounced that my tits. I have small breasts. I too large hips. I am reed thin. I am hunched-back; I am awkward. I have no shape. I am too sexy. Still, this body pushed through the throng of people just to get things done. This body made that dress sizzling hot! This body got hugged a million times today by friends, family and people who were touched by my heart. This body houses a soul which is kind, compassionate and generous. This body is a temple -in whatever shape and size. This body is mine to use to make the world unbelievably WONDERFUL! 

Remember to keep smiling world because YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.




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