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Alas! The Woes of a Single Woman!

“My bed is too big, I need a man!”

This line is not from a movie or a famous play or song. It came from my dearest aunt. I share her sentiment and although we both make jokes about our status in life, we both secretly wish we had a love life. We both want our men. Unfortunately, we’re drawing blanks.

Ah, you should hear my grandmother talk to me about my love life and she never fails to ask me “How come you’re still unmarried?” or “Your cousin already has children…” and the like. I just laugh it off and tell myself that God has a plan. But, I know that God will not do things alone -He will of course, hear my prayers. Well, I think one of these days, He will just send down an angel and tell me “Koi, He says that you are too picky and your standards are too high!”

Now, wouldn’t that be a laugh trip, huh?

So, I’m 31 and still single. Yes, I don’t have a suitor or a boy toy. No, I’m not a lesbian and I don’t do one night stands. I get indecent proposals from people because they look at my boobs before they look at my eyes. I turn them down. I don’t believe in sex outside a committed relationship. I don’t like dumb guys. I don’t like men with too much muscle. I do like nerds and funny guys. Am I particular when it comes to looks? Not THAT particular but in a way- Yes! I would like to actually like what I am seeing. I put more weight in intelligence and ambition than a great set of abs and a killer smile. Yes, i’m picky! picky! picky!

What is wrong with that? I mean, if it’s the only reason why I am still single now, at this point in my life, then I think life is being a little bit cruel! I’m sorry but I don’t believe that an ugly duckling should settle for an ugly partner. Besides, tell me a pretty good reason why I should settle for less?



11 comments on “Alas! The Woes of a Single Woman!

  1. Tom Baker
    June 1, 2012

    You may not want to hear it but you did write it and left the comment section open! First Koi, you are not an ugly duckling. People are allowed to be attracted to what they want to be attracted to and since marriage (no matter what the world believes) should be a lifetime commitment. Be picky! God is not going make you settle. You are right about enjoying the person you have to wake up to every morning. But (and this is a big butt), real beauty that you find in the man you will marry will come from inside him. His personality, his soul. That is the beauty that will attract you to him. His outward appearance will become more enticing no matter how he looks once you see the real him. When you love the man, you will find the face, the smile, the abs even more appealing.

    Remember Peter? He was a fisherman right? God may have changed his direction but he still went fishing everyday. Only he was trying to catch souls. You may be looking on the outside for things in a man that attract you but once God shows you the inner man, you will be in love with the entire package. Let your grandmother talk. Just listen and smile. Let God bless you in His time! Enjoy being single. Marriage is not always the greatest thing. Every time period in your life is something you should embrace until the next chapter comes. And you will enjoy the way the man you love, looks at your boobs!

    • koisevilla
      June 3, 2012

      Hahah thanks Tom! Ü i enjoyed your comment, especially the last part ü don’t get me wrong, I do take into consideration and put a lot if inportance on a guy’s personality and “innards” ü that’s just the thing, I know too much what I want that it gets in the way sometimes… Bottom line though, I just miss being in love and being loved in return ü

      • Tom Baker
        June 3, 2012

        All in due time. And for now, just know that without even meeting you, I love you.

      • koisevilla
        June 3, 2012

        Aw that’s sweet! Thanks Tom! Who would’ve thought I’d find a good friend on WordPress! 🙂 God Bless you!

      • Tom Baker
        June 5, 2012

        I knew it!

      • koisevilla
        June 6, 2012

        LOL awesome blog by the way.. just read and commented

  2. koisevilla
    June 6, 2012

    LOL awesome blog by the way.. just read and commented 😀

  3. Debra Colby-Conklin
    June 6, 2012

    Hi Koi!
    Don’t give up, love will find you…it always does, and when you least expect it. And he won’t be married, gay, hung up on his mom or a pig. He’ll be absolutely perfect for you.

    • koisevilla
      June 7, 2012

      Thank You Debra! 😀 I always like to think of myself as a positive thinker … God just wants me to be prepared, I guess! God bless you!

      • Debra Colby-Conklin
        June 7, 2012

        And you know, Koi, you won’t be prepared…you’ll just be happy.

      • koisevilla
        June 8, 2012

        Fine by me! Ü i like that! Thanks!

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