This is My Psychosis

No Rice Marathon Starts Tomorrow

I need to seriously lose some weight especially since I have been eating everything and anything I want here in the states. However, I have never been good with dieting and exercising. I start it off pretty well then fall off the wagon in like an hour or two… I mean, c’mon -food is great! That’s why it rhymes with “good”… Unfortunately, I suck at control and discipline which is sorely needed to maintain a healthy body.

Fortunately, I can say that I have one great success when it came to dieting. It was when a couple of friends and I decided that each of us have to pay an amount of 10Php every time we eat or drink the following: Rice, Junk Food, Pastries and Soda. I lost more than 5 lbs because of that in less than a month. I guess it’s different when you have this type of incentive or penalty.

But since my friends are not around and I am left to my own devices…(although, my mom will not stop harping about my eating habits) I am going to try and motivate myself to not eat rice anymore starting June 01, 2012. Why Rice?

As a Filipino, rice is always present (should always be present) in every meal. We eat rice like humans have to drink water to hydrate. But, it is not good for the weight especially if eaten in excess. One of the quickest ways to shed weight is to not eat rice therefore, I will suffer it. It works after all.

So, good luck to me! I hope I do stick to the diet… or actually begin, for that matter! LOL




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