This is My Psychosis

Thank You Lord! To God be the GLORY!

Hello world. 

I am again up and about in the bloggosphere. I am still caught up in some sort of a jet lag but trust me, I’ll get over it soon enough.

First up, I would like to say THANK YOU to our Lord Almighty for making everything possible! We are all so blessed! Every time I am on that stage performing or just randomly singing (even in the bathroom)- I sing for you Lord! I love you!

A lot of things have happened since the 18th of April. As you all know, we went on a concert tour to Filipino communities all over the USA. Our first stop was Los Angeles and then we headed out to Atlanta, New York, New Jersey, Virginia Beach, Washington and then Maryland. It was a 6 week long tour with 9 shows and more than 20 standing ovations. Yes, bragging rights aside, I am happy to report that all our shows ended with standing ovations from the crowd. Let me just tell you, as a performer, there is no better feeling than hitting the right notes and seeing the audience cheer and stand to applaud you. I am so proud of my group because they did their best and that’s all I can ever ask for.

Of course, there were a lot of bumps and crooked roads along the way. Familiarity, after all, breeds contempt. However, I choose not to dwell on those situations because I want to deal with it in the right time and the right frame of mind. What matters is that we made a lot of people happy and delivered to them a taste of home. Also, I would just like to dwell on the wonderful people we have met and have taken us into their houses and treated us almost like their next of kin. 

It is never easy to let a stranger -especially a couple of them- into your home and entrust your safety. But, these families have been so warm, hospitable and generous to all of us. I cannot thank them enough for taking time off their busy schedules to take us around the city and even took us on an all expense paid shopping spree. Truly, I am humbled and blessed to have met such great Filipinos, especially those who we have just met on this trip. I know they wouldn’t read this but I would like to say thank you to all of you!

Of course, some host families have been helping and cheering us on for more than 7 years since our first concert tour trip in the year 2000. I am so overwhelmed by their continuous support and love each time we arrive in their states. I am so blessed that the friendships and relationships we have began years ago have become a seed that has taken root into each and everybody’s heart. It makes touring feel like coming home.

All in all, it has been a great run for Songspell and it being my first time at the helm as Musical Director (Proxy) I can say that I did my best. I learned a lot and I can say I’ll be more confident the next time around. I am proud with what I have achieved with the help of great people. I am proud of my babies and brothers and sisters in Songspell. I am proud to be PINOY!

I will be here in New Jersey for a couple more weeks so I’ll be blogging from time to time. I’m on relaxation-chill mode. So, there! 



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