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30 Days of Blogging Honesty: Day 10 and 11

I know, I know… I’m turning this into a habit and I am really, really sorry! I don’t want to pre-schedule my blogs because then it is not going to be something special… It’s not that I have anything against pre-scheduling of blogs, it’s just that it isn’t really something I feel comfortable with. As much as I try to blog regularly and daily, there are times when I just come home from rehearsals too tired to think. It’s so taxing sometimes that even the thought of pulling my laptop out and opening it means physical pain. So, I do the next best thing… make up for the missed day in one blog!

I’m really sorry because I have a feeling this will be a regular occurrence since when I start to go on tour with my performing group on the 18th, I’m going to be missing a lot of days to blog. Thus, BRACE yourself because you might be seeing 3 to 4 questions and answers in one blog post. But all you lot are a bunch of understanding, wonderful people! I know you won’t mind… 😀

So, here goes….

Day 10 — The last time I snooped into something I wasn’t supposed to (like a medicine cabinet in a friend’s bathroom), I found…

… out that my sister was pregnant! Okay, this happened like a long time ago -years back. Because I haven’t snooped into anything that I shouldn’t be snooping in for quite a while -whether by accident or by purpose. I know- I live a boring life and I will never make it as a spy as well. But hey, there’s time enough, right?

Anyway, it did not really start out as “snooping” because I was honestly looking for something. I know my sister is pretty strict about her room and when she is not in the house, she keeps it locked. But, I really had a strong feeling that what I was looking for was inside her desk or somewhere in her room. So, I picked the lock and went in. I was right of course, the book was there on her bed, sitting on the bed and waving at me like “YEY! YOU FOUND ME!”

I grabbed it and headed out to the door but before I could close it, my gaze fell unexpectedly on her trash can. I saw an empty packet of milk that was meant for pregnant mothers. The type that they have to drink during pregnancy to help the baby get more good stuff while in the womb. I was shocked and then of course, happy coz I was going to have my very first niece. The thing is, it was not supposed to be known yet since my sister was not married then.


Day 11 — When I’ve had a really bad day the first thing (not person) I reach for is…

My bed and its mountains of pillows.

Yes, I know it’s quite a BIG thing to reach for but there it is… I was about to answer that I reach for the refrigerator door but… I love sleep more than food. So yeah, I reach for my bed and either sleep it off or cry it out. Good thing that my bed seems to reach out for me as well. It’s like it knows I’ve had a very tiring or bad day and it’s saying “Aww you poor baby, come to your momma bed!”

I just find there’s comfort in having your own, personal, smells-like-yourself bed! It’s such a place to belong and a haven. I mean come on, it’s where all the magic happens!!! [err..that kind of magic hasn’t happened there since I don’t know…since Friendster was the top social network!LOL]

So, when I really have a bad day or had one, I engulf myself on my bed with my pillows [hideaway from the world] and blast some music.

Ahh… peace!



12 comments on “30 Days of Blogging Honesty: Day 10 and 11

  1. Tom Baker
    April 11, 2012

    Both are good answers and sleep is a wonderful thing. Yes, too, we will understand your posting schedule especially after the 18th.

  2. prysmatique
    April 11, 2012

    I don’t like pre-scheduling posts much either! It feels a little bit like cheating. Oh gosh, that’s an awkward thing to find out, but I’m guessing things worked out? Have a great tour, we will all understand! I’m shocked so many of us have managed to post nearly every day already. A bed is a great solace; the only bad thing is that I fall asleep, and then I’m up all night and grouchy in the morning. Sometimes, it’s still worth it.

    • koisevilla
      April 12, 2012

      hahahha it was an awkward thing to find out… You should hear how she broke the news to our mom!!! It was of course very bad news but it’s so funny I can’t help but laugh! She called on Mother’s day and said “Happy Grandmother’s Day” and my mom threw the cordless phone and cried…. Yikes!

      But all’s well.l. My niece is almost spoiled rotten by everybody hahah

      Two Questions in a day also sounds like cheating hahahaha but I guess i like cheating this way better? Lol

      Oh I get that whole sleep in the morning awake at night moments and I do give Oscar the Grouch a run for his money the morning after lol

  3. veehcirra
    April 12, 2012

    Did your sister find out you had been “snooping” in her room and found out that she was pregant that way?

    • koisevilla
      April 12, 2012

      hahah yes… I confronted her when she got home. She was not able to get angry at me for snooping because she asked me not to tell our mom yet ahaahhaah I was not blackmailing her or anything..she did it herself hahaha

  4. PM
    April 12, 2012

    that is great snooping work, you know? 😆 sometimes i find this feeling that i’m being pulled towards one thing or direction only to find something important or interesting there. i wonder what that force might be? high five with the bed and sleep catharsis. agree all the way about the comfort of having bed and pillows with your own stink on it.

    • koisevilla
      April 12, 2012

      haahaha thanks!

      I do get that feeling a lot and I usually do find something interesting lol Is that intuition? Or our natural powers of curiousity? Fate? Elementals? Si Kokey? Lol

  5. Cherlyn
    April 13, 2012

    Good answers! I’m not much of a snooper either, but wow, that’s a big thing to find out by accident eh? I hope it went over well with your sister!

    • koisevilla
      April 13, 2012

      it did not at first but yeah, it ended well for her eventually lol

  6. LJ
    April 14, 2012

    wow… I imagined how things will turn out if books were really talking, it is crazy!

    hahaha. Sometimes, sleep is the best remedy for a bad day. 😀

    • koisevilla
      April 14, 2012

      Sleep so one can wake up on the right side of the bed lol

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