This is My Psychosis

I Say A Little Prayer …

I just came back from a quick trip to the US Embassy (again) in Manila. I accompanied the cast and crew of our performing group as they were getting their Visa. I just have to blog about it because the journey towards yesterday is worth blogging about.

I have to admit we were not as organized and as ready as we have been the past few times we have been applying for visas. However, for some reason, I was not that worried. I know it’s because of the prayers and countless times I’ve beseeched and claimed success in the name of the Lord Jesus. The power of prayers is absolutely limitless!

There were a few hiccups but they were cured right away with a quick utter of prayer. The interview process was smooth and we all were relaxed and had a good disposition inside the embassy. All in all, it was an ultimate success!

The reason why I want to blog about this is to remind and share to everyone that our prayers are always heard -especially if our hearts are clear and have a good purpose. If we ask, we shall receive! 

I am glad that I stood strong and my faith did not waver. I opted to pray and trust Him instead of worrying. I believed in Him instead of fidgeting and being negative. And yes, the reward was amazing!



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