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Wrath of the Titans (Spoiler Alert!)


After what seemed like decades, I was able to go and catch a film inside a movie theater. Whew! It was a much needed break from all the rehearsing and mind-numbing stress of perfecting a full show! I really wanted to watch Wrath of the Titans since I kind of like Greek myth. It was a toss up between hunger games and the titans won because I felt like watching it more than HG [i know, i know -am i crazy or what?]

Well, I did not mind one bit. I loved the movie! It was fast paced and action-packed. It did not have any lovey-dovey scenes [except that kissing part at the end which of course, made everything softer] and it had humor as well without turning into something ridiculous. Yes, the drama between Hades and Zeus was sort of weird but you have to admit, when they walked out of that tent and started doing some damage – it was awesome! Imagine your grandfather doing that!!! [Note: Ferdz, Master Oogwei!]


Really, I know some might think that it wasn’t all that but I really thought the simplicity of their “comeback” was profoundly kick-ass! [And of course, Liam Neeson’s profile is nothing but Zeus-like!] And, Tartarus was AWESOME!!!

I really also liked the fact that it was all about forgiveness in a way. Hades [Voldemort had to die so that he could become Hades LOL] shows a little bit of his “humanity” if you will by having a change of heart…it was a little too late but still, you can’t help but like the character! Yes, there were a couple of cliches and I sort of don’t like Sam’s [Avatar Guy] coif…but all in all, I give it 4 out of 5 stars for being cool without really trying that much.

I know I might have spoiled the movie for some but hey, it’s all good. I did not really put the great parts here. Just go and see it… if you’re a Greek Myth buff! 😀

OOOhhh and I love the trailer of The Hobbit!!! Go Peter Jackson!! WOOTWOOT! ❤



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