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The Perfect Birthday Surprise!!!

So here it is, the birthday post…I still have at least 30 minutes more until my birthday officially ends. Cool.

Let me just tell you first that ever since I can remember, I never liked celebrating my birthday. I don’t know why. I guess the anti-social in me just doesn’t like the attention. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful and blessed to be born in this world and to be given the gift of life. The reality is that I do not like being the center of attention or to be given a huge amount of notice -yes, even if it’s a special day for me! I’m just wired that way.

However, for the past years, I have been fortunate enough to be surprised by people who are close to me and those I care about. I have received tons of letters before and frankly, these are the best presents ever! I love receiving letters from people and keeping them for memories. I even like them better than material things. I’m happy that I have gotten a lot of surprises from Songspell before where they actually spent time making me an awesome, unique gifts with notes and photos! These gifts are awesome because not only am I blessed by the effort but it’s also a good keepsake of friendship through the years.

This year, I wasn’t really looking forward to celebrating. It’s not because i’m a grumpy birthday scrooge. Again, the anti-social rears its head. But, with the great people that I know, I was expecting that somehow, there will be people who will cook up a surprise for me. I just did not know how they will surprise me.

It was so fun watching it all unfold since Sir Jong could not seem to get his “drama” part to work! I kind of suspected something was up when I got a call the night before about meeting Sir Jong and Lean in Starbucks for lunch. They had a specific time although they said it was just the two of them… I know better since the UIC Chorale and the music students are quite known for giving birthday surprises to its members and friends. Anyway, I decided to just let it all play out and that I’ll just go along with whatever they were going to do.

I was already getting a lot birthday greetings on my Facebook wall at 12am of 3/28 and I always make it a point to thank each one of them. When I woke up this morning, I noticed that I did not get any greetings from my close friends (PS) and the chorale so I really confirmed that something was up. I decided to go early to Starbucks after I came from school (where I met one of the members of the chorale who quickly made an exit!HAHA) I got to the place at least 20 minutes early and Lean came. He said Sir Jong was going to buy me coffee and whatnot.

So, there we were, sitting and drinking. Lean was telling me all sorts of stories about how bad the night before was for the chorale and how they had a lot of problems. He then also told me that there was a person who was making bad stories about Sir Jong. Instantly, I knew what the whole thing was about. Then, Sir Jong came carrying a cake and greeted me. I thanked him and was delighted to see him and Lean. Soon, Sir Jong was picking up where Lean had left off and started telling me stories (the same thing that Lean was going on about) I listened patiently and considered every word. It was so fun to watch as Sir Jong started jumbling stories and getting sidetracked because I was not buying any of his drama. I knew that the people he mentioned who apparently told him that I was the one backbiting him were 2 of the closest girls in my life! I knew they would never say something that I have never said or done. HAHAHA! It was so funny!

Finally, I heard the surprise! At Starbucks, the members of the UIC Chorale came in singing (with a booming BASS section) “Happy Birthday!” I knew it and I was expecting it but I still LOVE it! I wasn’t surprised, really I wasn’t but I am so overwhelmed with gratitude and happiness for the effort! They greeted me and then they sang another song “Por Ti Sere” or You Raise Me Up! It was perfect and the whole Starbucks crowd was there to listen. I was touched and really, I felt super blessed!

I know some of them were expecting me to cry but I never cry in public (at least when I can help it!) Besides, I did not feel like crying. Oh, not because I wasn’t touched emotionally or anything – I was just simply HAPPY! It’s a bright kind of happiness -the kind that makes a gloomy day super suddenly sunny! It’s the kind of Happiness that says “Thank You So Much!” or “I’m Blessed!” It’s that comfortable brand of warm-fuzzies that does not need tears to show how touched I am on the inside.

But then, the surprise was not yet finished! Sir Jong was insisting that we go to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and I did promise to treat him there so I agreed to go. We all went there and I did not even see them as we came in the shop! My batchmates were there at the end of the shop and I only noticed them when they started singing the birthday song to me! I was SURPRISED that time! I couldn’t help but be happy and mortified (because of the attention) I am truly grateful for the efforts they had! I did not expect them to be there!

Then, we decided to just go and have lunch separately, since I had practice. I was surprised that we went to Haran (our “boarding house”) and then I knew they were still going to celebrate my birthday with the group! I was so happy but to keep with the theme, their surprise for me in that place was botched as well! HAHAHAH Sir Jong and I, along with some people, came earlier than those who were supposed to prepare to surprise me! So again, it was the PERFECT surprise! HAHAHA

I can’t believe how FUN and HAPPY today was because of these wonderful people! I am truly touched and grateful and blessed with all their efforts! It was not easy to plan and do because I know how busy everybody is with the recital and singing engagements, left and right! I know that they did not have the perfect plan since they all knew I was not easy to surprise. In spite of the bloopers and the many failed attempts, I am genuinely aware of the efforts and planning and quick-thinking that it entailed. It’s such a great feeling to have friends like them! I did not mind celebrating my birthday, even though I knew that I did not want people to make a big deal out of it. But, with really awesome people like them, it’s hard not to feel extra special!  So, I’m really, really, truly, to-the-max blessed and grateful!!!!

Of course, the sad part was that I had to leave the celebration early since I had rehearsals at 2pm and I could not miss it. I got a little hurt but I guess, I deserve to have some drama and be extra sensitive because it’s my birthday… HAHAH! Anyway, I also had a great surprise when I arrived in Songspell.

Missy was the first to come for rehearsal and she brought me a cute chocolate cake! I was deeply touched and pleasantly surprised. After the children’s rehearsal, I was waiting for the rest of the grown-ups to show up for practice when Francis and Pipo came carrying a cupcake with a lit-candle on it. WEEE! I was surprised again! I was so happy. Then, Tita Evelyn came and upon knowing it was my birthday, treated us for merienda (snacks)! Then of course, rehearsals continued because even if it was my day, there is always something bigger than me and something more important! It was a good rehearsal too!

Finally, I had dinner with my sister and brother -felt like I gained the pounds I lost! AHAHAHA! It’s so nice to end the day with family. I feel blessed and contented. I promised myself I will not worry -that’s my birthday gift to myself (and a tattoo!!!)

Thank you everyone! You truly made my “18th” birthday SPECIAL!!!! 🙂 I LOVE YOU ALL!




Pipo and Francis w/ their Bday Cupcake Surprise! 🙂


Birthday Cake from UIC Chorale

Cake from Missy

Cake from my Batchmates 😀

My Lovies (Ferdz and Stephen)

w/ Stephen and his Chicken for my bday -YUM! THANKS!

With My LOVIES (Lean and Erika)

Gotz me a present -Stitch Case for my iPhone4 -Thanks Bethel & Alan!

*** There might be photos from other cameras… I’ll share once I get them!***


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