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ABC’s to Being Happy ^_^

Happiness is relative.

As much as we think or say that we cannot ever be truly happy [because of some tragedy or drama in our lives] we know in our hearts that it does not take a lot to tug both ends of our lips upwards.

Fact is, we can always CHOOSE to be happy.

We can tell that dark cloud to “SHOO!”

But the trick there is to really WANT to be happy.

We have to push ourselves to get over the past or get past the problem and just be happy about even the most mundane things in life.

I know it’s not as simple as coming from point A and going to point B. It’s a tricky road with lots of curves and zigzags.

However, determination is a good way to drive yourself forward. Heart will be your fuel and friends will make your aim strong and true. And of course, God and prayer will be your shield against all obstacles.

Here are my ABC’s on how to be happy! You don’t have to agree or you might find it weird but if it works, it doesn’t matter, right?

lways strive to make someone else be happy.

elieve that you CAN be happy.

are enough for your self.

D efinitely care for others as well [this includes caring for Mother Earth]

E njoy the simple things [i.e. walks in the rain, silly jokes, hugs, laughter…]

F aith in God and in the fact that He will never give you something/anything you can never handle.

ood manners and right conduct.

aving the courage to smile even in the face of adversity!

nvolve yourself with people who are happy, optimistic and have a pure zest in life.

J oin groups or organizations that aim in making people happy and helping humanity!

K iss your loved ones whenever you can -even without occasion or reason!

ove, loving and being loved will always make you and everyone around you happy.

usic can uplift the spirit and the heart.

ever allow a person’s bad opinion of you dampen your spirit, instead take it as a chance to be better and prove them wrong.

O nly you can really make yourself unhappy so, always make the right choice!

P eace of mind and being at peace with your past trials or troubles.

Q uit being a negative person because you will not only bring yourself down but take others with you as well!

R elax from time to time and make sure you don’t drown yourself in work!

S mile at strangers. It might freak them out however, who knows, it just might make their day extra special!

T ake time to appreciate the people around you, especially those you love and vice versa!

U nderstand and accept that things will not always go the way you want it or how you planned it.

ary your routine and be spontaneous as well as brave enough to try new things!

W elcome each day with an open heart and mind as well as a whole lot of optimism!

perience the great sensation of being hugged by your family, friends, loved ones -even old teachers!

Y esterdays… be happy for the things that made you the good person you are today.

ebras, zippers, zephyr, zeal, zest… be silly; weird; fun; quirky; different; be anything but ordinary…




6 comments on “ABC’s to Being Happy ^_^

  1. Tanguyenable
    March 25, 2012

    Awesome! But i think you cheated on the X and Z 😀

    • koisevilla
      March 25, 2012

      hahaha makes it more fun, right? fun=happiness 😛 hahahaha 😀

  2. thewildbrain
    April 2, 2012

    NICE BLOG KOI!!!!!!!!

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