This is My Psychosis

Errant Thought?

Next week will be my birthday.

It will officially start my last year on the calendar.


Age is relative however, body clocks aren’t… tick tock to me and my ability to produce an offspring who will carry my wonderful genes. I know I still have a decade [or less] but why start tomorrow what you can begin today, right? 


Lord, how’s my love life? If there is any progress, please do enlighten me while I still have the time to reproduce!




2 comments on “Errant Thought?

  1. maryfollowsthelamb
    March 24, 2012

    Well, my egg laying days are long past, but I would like a companion to wipe the drool off my face as I get older (smiles).

    So any info on that, please feel free to pass it along!

    • koisevilla
      March 24, 2012

      LOL that’s funny! I’ll keep a look out! Ü

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