This is My Psychosis

Praise the Lord!

The flight back from the US Embassy in Manila was almost uneventful. First, the plane was delayed and then the flight was excruciatingly lethargic. 1 hour and 45 mins turned out like it was 2 days! Second, there were kids crying! I know it’s only natural and I can understand their discomfort, but still… Finally, if there’s one thing that I hate in the world [besides people who have no regard for time] it’s people chewing like a goat or noisy chewers! Well, what a coincidence -the girl beside me was chewing gum like it was made of condom or something! Argghhh…

But really, i’m not complaining. The whole US VRP went smoothly! 

God had blessed me -a lot! Especially Tita Nelly since He made everything extra easy for her. There was not long line and the wait was okay and comfortable because we were waiting inside the newly renovated US Embassy building. It was really nice and quiet [our appointment was at 12noon] so basically, nobody was there, except for a few people. Our interactions with the consuls and the finger printing section was a total of 15 minutes…and we were out of the building! 

So, i’m thankful! I’m grateful! Nothing else matters! 

Praise God! The Lord made it happen and my prayers have been answered. Thank You Jesus! Thank you to those who prayed with me and for us! 

May everybody be blessed as well!



2 comments on “Praise the Lord!

  1. Tom Baker
    March 22, 2012

    I’m glad to know you trip back was mostly uneventful and safe!

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