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R-E-S-P-E-C-T! [This One’s For My Boys!]

Okay, I was minding my own business here in Starbucks when out of nowhere, I see a scene before me that actually made me cringe and  frown at an actual stranger. I was seated in the corner booth, beside the glass pane -so I can see everything and everyone passing by. There was a young, teenage couple walking slowly [yes, like they were turtles instead of humans] I could not help but watch them because they stopped in front of the trash bin just outside the window I was situated in. Much to my amazement, the girl was frowning and pouting and the guy held out his palm up near the girl’s mouth. The girl then spat out her chewed bubblegum on the guy’s palm and viola, the guy drops it in the trash.

Really? Seriously? Don’t you have the decency to use a scrap of paper and then with your own hands deposit the gum into the trash can yourself?

Listen, I am all for giving the love of your life your heart, body and soul. I am even an avid supporter of treating your girlfriend like a princess but that does not mean you allow your girlfriend to treat you like a servant! Geesh! I know I risk sounding like a traitor to my gender but really, there has to be some sort of boundary or rules regarding how some women treat their boyfriends. Again, please do not think I am generalizing. I am speaking of those I see with my own eyes and have front row seats on how some girls treat their “boyfriends” like crap!

I fall in love with guys who are sweet, attentive, caring and always goes out of his way to make me happy. But I will be crazy in love with a guy who is strong, independent, take-charge and knows what he wants. I do not like guys who are always saying “Whatever you want honey” or “We’ll do what you want…” Ugh. Take charge! Be the MAN! Of course, without forgetting that I am QUEEN to your KING.

In fairness to some guys, they might just really be born that way – über nice and patient that they do not really notice they are being treated like doormats. However, this blog is for my ladies who might not be aware they are treating their princes like frogs. It is okay to be the damsel in distress but you have to stop being overly dramatic about it! There are just some things that does not look and feel right when it comes to what you ask [or your bf volunteers] to do for you. Here are some of the acts [?] that grinds my gears [if Peter Griffin were to say it…]:

When Girls Make Their Boyfriends Carry Their Purses/Bags…

Okay, perhaps when you are saddled with a backpack or a mountain-pack bag and you are seriously starting to look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, then perhaps you can ask your boyfriend nicely to carry your bag for you. Same goes for heavy satchels or paper bags that really contain lead or something that is thrice your body weight. However, if you are carrying a shoulder bag with flowers or in a girly color or a purse or any bag that you can very well carry on your own -ladies PLEASE… do not let your boyfriend carry or wear it for you! Yes, even when he volunteers to do so!

There is something off-putting when I see a guy carrying a lady’s bag -well, not unless he actually OWNS it because he is a girl at heart. I don’t like seeing a guy donning his girlfriend’s bag especially when it is super lightweight and the girl is not carrying anything else. It’s YOUR FREAKIN’ BAG GIRL! Are you so fragile that your shoulders will crack under the weight of it? Will you drop down and die if you bring your purse? Really -WHY??? If you have no intention of carrying a bag or a purse on your own, then leave the house without it. Your boyfriend is not a baggage counter or a bag rack! You’re a big girl -carry your own bag!

When Girls Make Their Boyfriends Do Everything for Them…

You might raise your eyebrows in surprise or in doubt but this happen. I know a lot of girls who cannot move without their boyfriend. It’s like they got a boyfriend so that they can get a maid or “the help” for free -or at least, pay in kind? Believe me, I have seen guys iron their girlfriend’s costume just because the girl says “I Don’t know how” or just because the girl tells [some even ORDER] them to. Well, unless your girlfriend only has one arm and 2 fingers, go ahead and do these kind of stuff for them! But when she’s more than capable of doing it on her own, please let her do so! It’s bad enough that she makes you carry her bag, her books, her what-nots and now she has you ironing her clothes. Really man, try looking down and see if your balls have shrunk or something.

I particularly do not like it when the girl tells the guy to do this or get that in a manner that might sound “sweet” but really has strong “bossy” undertones. It happens! I hate it when the girl asks or orders her guy in a whiny, baby-ish garbled voice. It might sound cute to you but in reality, it is annoying, pathetic and absolutely teeth-grinding. You’re an adult -not a 6 year old child who does not know anything. Girl, if you can kiss and f*ck, you can definitely know how to do some work and lifting of your own! Stop being a bossy-know-it-all and treat your guy a little more respect as well as pay particular attention that you do not bruise your guy’s ego or manhood.

When Girls Expect Their Boyfriends To Foot the Bill ALL THE TIME…

Ladies, we deserve to be wined and dined and pampered -but really, our guys deserve to be too! You should not forget that in a relationship, it takes two to tango and that does not exclude paying for your date. Even if your boyfriend’s pride will not allow it, do try and surprise him instead! Stop expecting to be treated to a freebie and definitely show your guy some gratitude. Also, understand that your guy might not have that much money and might not be able to treat you in the manner that you have been accustomed to so, try and be a little considerate. Besides, there is something incredibly strong and sexy about us being able to treat our boyfriends out on a date!

There are a lot of things that can fall under this blog and I might have missed some really good points [feel free to comment and i’ll blog about it as well -add some!] For now, these are what I can strongly remember and given the time constraints, this has to be cut short…

Just remember ladies, your boyfriend is not an ATM machine and definitely NOT your servant.

So please, do treat them with a little more respect and love!



3 comments on “R-E-S-P-E-C-T! [This One’s For My Boys!]

  1. koisevilla
    March 12, 2012

    Thanks for the Like:D

  2. Tanguyenable
    March 13, 2012

    Where can we find more women like you? Last I heard, they are all taken.

    • koisevilla
      March 13, 2012

      They are all taken? hmmm.. I must have missed the bus on that one … Anyway, I don’t think you can find anybody like me! LOL just kidding! 🙂

      Thanks for commenting ^_^

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