This is My Psychosis

Sand, Sea and Floating Debris!

Hello world! I am finally up and about from my drug induced couple of days. In fact, I just came home from the beach. [Awesome, right?]

I can blog about a lot of things and realizations over my short hiatus but I missed the chance of actually capitalizing on them when I was too groggy to type or do anything else but cough, shiver, sniff and sleep. So, I am just going to blog about something significant to all of us on this planet.

I teach Natural Science class in college and for the final examinations, I decided that the class should go on another eco-tour! During NatSci I, we had a nature trip in a place called Eden which is acres of land and man-made forest situated on top of a hill. They discovered [or at least, pretended to discover] different trees, plants and herbs as well. This year, I decided that the class would go on a beach or island hopping trip around Samal Island, Philippines.

Let me just say that the virgin beaches here in Samal Island, which is a mere 15 minutes boat ride from Davao City, are absolutely divine. There are some that are just “ho-hum” but most of them are breathtaking. If you have followed my blog, you might remember an entry on Cannibad Island. Well, it’s just one of the great marine sanctuaries found in Samal.

So, this island hopping or island tour [if you will] consists of 3 stops where people can dive and snorkel to see the different creatures and coral formations under the clear water which is different shades of blues and greens. It is the perfect class trip and project because I am a self-confessed beach bum. Give me sand, sea, waves and a cold beer -I’m set! Plus, I really like being in the water! [Which might be weird since I’m a fire sign…]

Anyway, we had our first stop and guess who went in the water first? Yes, Moi! With Sniffles, coughs and all! Then everybody else [at least those who can swim] followed suit. It was a bit difficult to snorkel because the waves were throwing a tantrum. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the dip. Next, we had stopped for lunch in Babusanta where those who were afraid of deep waters took turns reveling in the sandy shores and waist-high waters. Fresh coconuts where for sale and even pearls. The place was more for relaxing, eating and just chilling -enjoying the sea breeze and the company of students [who are also my friends.]

Finally, our last stop is the Coral Garden and it was like the Garden of Eden underwater! Plus, we got lucky that the water was calm and still. It made snorkeling and swimming very fun and easy. I happen to have the unfortunate experience of seeing this fisherman trap this fish in a small cage just sitting on top of a beautiful coral formation and then spearing the little thing right in the gut. Ugh. But I guess, these things happen and I guess it was legal since that zone is a marine sanctuary -he must have needed the dead fish for something… still… 😦

Well, if you think that’s the only sad part of the whole tour and blog, you’re wrong. The whole point of this blog is not to just say something about the wonderful beaches and reefs here in Davao City, Philippines but also to remind people of the reality about what is happening to our waters.

In the island, as we ride around in the small boat, the air is sweet, sea-smelling and fresh. But, you will know that you are nearing the city area because the air becomes a bit foul and you start to see floating trash. If it was not so saddening, it would be humorous to see these things float past the boat. It’s like a working advertisement on brands for a soda or a bag of chips. You get to see the plastic bags and cans floating with the name of the product starkly colorful against the almost velvet blue waters. It just makes me sad and I was silently getting angry on behalf of the sea -my sea! Our sea!

Really, are people forever going to be so callous and uncaring?


[*** Photos might get uploaded with this blog soon as I sort them out….]


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