This is My Psychosis

Good Job, Boob Job!

I am never good at hello’s and I could never handle goodbyes.

I am bathed in sorrow. I waded through a sea of lies.

I watch our fingers intertwine, electricity crackles.

Now I’m bound to you, my heart in shackles.

I am never great at crying and I could never abide your shouts.

I am withered, dying with my sanity heading south.

I see our souls kissing, my heart is now on fire.

Now I’m ragged, barely sane with desire.

I am never good at holding on and I could never let you go.

I fall down, kneeling. I know not of our tomorrow.

I watch our skin touch, coming up in flames.

Now I’m no more. I am never the same.

**** **** **** **** **** ****

I find myself thinking of broken lines and stuff a lot these days. I do not know, there’s some sort of detachment that is happening and I cannot figure it out. I am torn and yet I know the reason is valid. I keep telling myself that I should not and that why shouldn’t I but I know deep down what’s true and what’s a lie. I walk on eggshells but I sometimes cannot help myself. There’s a little mischief maker inside my head and heart and it’s making me do things I say I would never do.

Oh I know where this road is leading, I’m pretty sure I do. There are no escape routes and all roads lead to pain, disappointment and despair. Unfortunately, there will be moments when your heart rules everything else. The brain might be the commander but the heart is a rogue delinquent who does what it musts and what it wants -this makes things dangerous; this makes things extremely F***ed Up! But as some would say, “Strap yourself in and enjoy the ride!”

**** *** **** *** ****

Me: Why You So Stubborn?

My Heart: Why You So Stupid?

Me: I Am Listening to What My Brain Tells Me…

My Heart: Well, Your Brain Sucks!

Me: That’s Not Nice, You Know You’ll Just Get Me in Trouble

My Heart: That’s Not My Problem

Me: Quit Being a Masochist.

My Heart: Make Me!

Me: I’ll Rip You Right Out of My Chest

My Heart: Oooh… I’m scared…ha-ha-ha!

[ripping sound…]

Me: HAH! Yes.. No More Heart Ache!

My Heart: Uh, hey, stupid… You Just Ripped Your Boob Out… Yey for Mastectomy! Good Job, Boob Job!

[ I die ]



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