This is My Psychosis


I have always loved the smell of rain -before it begins and especially after it has poured all its soul out unto the dry, barren earth. As you recall, I have posted something about rain and don’t worry, this won’t be as long and blabby as the last one. I just found out that there is a word for this great scent after rainfall… it’s called “Petrichor.”

I know some of you might have heard it before or known of it long, long ago -good for you. I just found out today -when I surfed through my twitter feed! Well, at least, I can’t say that Twitter never helped in my education, right? Hopefully, I don’t obsess with the word much and start spewing poetry or something…

Really, I love rainy days and I love the rain -how it feels on my skin and how it smells. If you do not know any of the feelings then you are missing half of your life (or a very cool way to take a bath!)



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