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Romeo and Juliet Started it!!!!

We have all heard the same “cliché” story of love doomed before it can even begin to blossom. It is the moth-to-flame type of scenario sans the burning and charcoal smell. It is also the “we-can-never-be-together-Starcrossed-Lovers” that we all love to hate and love again. Yes, Juliet and Romeo cannot be together! Only this time, there are more reasons other than warmongering families and hyperbolic egos [and without the overly-dramatic tragic ending that involved poison and stupidity.]

Forbidden love. Unrequited love. Love that’s really TRAGEDY when turned upside down.

It is truly depressing when one finds him or her self in any of these situations. To add more salt to the wound, one actually knows the reason why and how he or she has gotten tangled in such a predicament -and it’s absolutely valid. Some are brave and rebellious enough to go ahead and barge through barriers just to make it happen or just to be with the person they like or love. Others, well, most of the time, we all settle for being just “outside-looking-in-sighing-until-our-breaths-cover-the-entire-window-with-fog-making-us-blind-from-anything-that-makes-sense” In short, we turn into “Aho” [crazy in Japanese!]

I do not know whether to feel sad or feel exasperation towards people who experience this and cannot do anything about it. Love should be given a chance to blossom right? It should not be contained within boundaries or taboo! If there are rules, so be it but these rules should not curtail any budding emotions or relationships no matter how taboo they are. Of course, incest will always be a huge NO-NO! [It’s utterly sinful and gross -really, people!] However, for the following scenarios, I wish society would be more forgiving, open and accepting:

#1 Age Gap

It has always been a perception that in a relationship, the guy should always be older than the girl. It would be too vulgar and shocking if one is a woman in love with somebody who is more than 10 years her junior. Fortunately, the rise of the MILF and Cougars have somewhat turned AGE gap or Generation Gap into something that is REAL and can actually work. Unfortunately, there are still those who cannot seem to detach from the past perceptions. Age should not be a huge factor when it comes to loving and choosing the person you want to be with for the rest of your life. As long as both parties are in the same page mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, there is no reason for society to point fingers at them and cry FOUL! What matters is that LOVE has reached far and wide and closed the generation gap with one hand tied behind its back!

#2 Same Sex Relationship

People should be able to marry who they want -even those of the same sex as theirs. I know that the whole concept is shocking and abhorred by most people but if other people can be open minded about it; accept it for what it is -why can’t the rest of the world do the same? Love is the deciding factor -not age or the shape of your reproductive organ.

#3 Age Limit

Young ones are not expected to form any attachment with the opposite sex until a certain age. I understand the need of parents to really make their teenagers or almost-teen sons and daughters focus on school and their future in this world. However, we all have to keep in mind that the generation today is highly different and kids grow up faster and are even more brilliant nowadays. Who are we to say that they do not understand the concept of love and responsibility? I say, if your teenagers say they are ready for a relationship and have good academic standings and morals to boot -why prevent him or her to be inspired?

Of course, teenage pregnancy and abortion are great factors why parents are more strict. But, if you know your children very well and are constantly reminding them of what’s right or not; as well as never lacking in educating them -then, love can happen sans the scandals and premarital sex. I know it’s a long-shot and among the 3, this is probably the most valid reason to put one’s foot down in love or relationships. So, I’m going to be on the fence with this one for now.

Anyway, I just hope there is more freedom and less judgement. Love more. Live more.




2 comments on “Romeo and Juliet Started it!!!!

  1. the happy hugger
    February 23, 2012

    I agree, people should become open minded and not force their own will or attitudes towards life on others.
    *happy hugs*

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