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Out of the Blues…

We sang for the Pineda wedding last weekend. I woke up early that day since the wedding was going to be in Eden which is about an hour’s drive from the city [going uphill.] I was pretty psyched because after a long time, Songspell is singing in church and for mass. We’ve kind of stopped doing this when our musical director had some unfortunate medical experiences the past years. We did not have a pianist [at least, somebody that she liked well enough to play for us…]  I was one of her piano students but I think she scared the pianist out of me and I have not really practiced playing the piano for a long, long time. I know it’s a waste but in truth, I do not have time to practice and we all know playing the piano requires more than just a whim.

Anyway, I got sidetracked. Back to the wedding…

So, we arrived at the gathering place and waited for the others. I fell asleep and woke up when Bodick called to tell us that they were all waiting outside. Oh-Kay. Finally, we were off to the chapel. It was a nice, quiet drive. I was tensed though because we were running quite late and I hate being late. Fortunately, the guests and even the priest were late as well so we arrived with enough time to set up and give last minute instructions. Then the ceremony started. Our kids sang beautifully and of course, our time-tested soloists. We received a lot of praises and my heart was really bursting with pride for the new ones as well as for those who have always been lending their blessed talents to us.

As I was watching the whole scene unfold, I cannot help but think of my wedding and of course, whether I am going to be married or not. I never say that I am old as age is relative. I don’t feel old but I know, my body is eventually telling me that it is time to do some maternal duties! I wish my body would understand that these things are complicated and in order to get married, I have to find a boyfriend first -or at least a guy who actually likes me.

Like i’ve said, I am not an expert on guys and I won’t be able to tell if a guy likes me even if it hit me between the eyes. All I know is that, I have been single for far too long. I can only sigh and imagine how my wedding would be like…definitely, I will have an evening wedding. I already have a priest in mind and I’m sure he will not object to my wish [since we’re close friends!] I imagine a small chapel or church and the only light source is a lot of blazing candles. [I know, I haven’t figured out the part where in I can use fans and AC without having to ask people to light and re-light the candles once they get snuffed by the wind!]

There will be a choir of course… I mean, the problem though is that the people who I envisioned singing in my wedding are part of the entourage. Then my bridal march would probably be an acoustic version of STOLEN…[I was considering EYE OF THE TIGER but then, that would be over-stretchin…just kidding] Then everything will be magical and blessed by the Lord. Then, it’s party ’til the break of dawn.

Oh well, I guess a girl can always dream and imagine… Sadly, sometimes, it’s all I ever do.



2 comments on “Out of the Blues…

  1. thehappyhugger
    February 22, 2012

    Dreams are good friends.

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