This is My Psychosis

Of Men and of Mice…

Guys, never let a girl fall for you if you are not ready to catch her…”

I know.

I get it.

Sometimes, guys just can’t help it if they are too adorable, yummy and über gorgeous [w/ brains and humor to boot!] So, it’s only natural that girls fall for them -even without any effort on their part. This is natural as it is unavoidable. Unfortunately, there are a lot [and I mean, A LOT] of guys who know just how hot and coveted they are that they end up using it as a weapon or a means to get whatever they want from a girl [excluding her heart/love!]

Frankly, it’s mean, callous and so self-serving!

Do not get me wrong. A lot of guys I know do like the girls they go “flirt” with and when push comes to shove, they have the sense to really commit to the next level in the relationship. Others are just really friendly without meaning to lead a girl on but will not be a coward when it comes to actually letting the girl down easily with the truth that he’s just not that into her. But, I also know some guys [men] who are as*h*l*s.

I try to talk them out of their “bad cheetah deeds” but I guess, karma will just be the one that knocks them down and beats them to a pulp. I strongly believe that no woman, girl or lady deserves to be lead on and then dropped like a hot potato. Yes, it might not be your fault [or it solely is…] but if you are a real gentleman with a heart, you should tell the girl to stop crushing or hoping or wishing for you because things are never gonna happen between the two of you. It’s only fair, right?

Oh,  some guys cannot say this out loud because they fear the fact that they might be labeled as conceited or be guilty of over-assuming. However, I’m pretty sure that guys have a way of knowing if the girl is really into her. Why do you think some guys can wring the heart out of any girl and get all kinds of perks? This is because they know they are loved; they know they have succeeded in winning the hearts of these girls and have transformed them into witless puppets, ready to serve at their beck and call. Therefore, if you are a guy and you know that a girl is already falling for you [and you do not have any intention of following through…]


Enlighten the daylights out of her. Don’t string her along because it’s good for you. Really. [you ass-wipe-jerk!]

Of course, if it’s somebody already close to your heart but only on a platonic level, then try to figure out a way to break it to her gently. There are a lot of ways you can do this, you just have to be smart and sensitive about it.

Just don’t -please don’t- let her feel like she can expect something from you or that you are going to be the prince to her princess when you really do not have any plans of being so.



2 comments on “Of Men and of Mice…

  1. Harnew
    February 26, 2012

    Ugh! Thought this was about the book

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