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SORRY BUT… (a poem)

I’m at it again… something just clicks and I have to start writing a poem. I know it should go up as a part of my “pages” but I want this to be my entry for today. For all you sad, lonely, hurt and pining exes out there! 😀

Sorry But…

Did I say the wrong words again?
I’m sorry if I stammered.
Did I invade your space once more?
Forgive me, I was hammered.
Did I sing you that stupid song?
I know I’m a bit out of tune.
Did I cry like a little kid?
I promise, I’ll grow up soon.
Did I reach for your hand?
I’m sorry, it’s a habit.
Did I scream your name?
Forgive me…
I know you’ve had it.


I cannot stop stammering
Words of why I love you still.
I go to sleep sad and hammered
Uncaring of the braincells I kill.
I cannot stop singing our song
In the shower, the car -all day long!
I do try to act really mature
All grown up but insecure.
I do want to hold your hand
I want you to whisper my name…
Sadly, no matter what I do
I know we will never be the same.



2 comments on “SORRY BUT… (a poem)

  1. thehappyhugger
    February 20, 2012

    Sad and beautiful poem.
    I can’t help wonder if the person who this is written for will see it?

  2. koisevilla
    February 20, 2012

    Thanks! But… Fortunately, i wrote this without anybody in mind hehe ü i am not pining over an ex-love (thank God!) ü

    *hugs back*

    Thanks also for liking and taking the time to read ü

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