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Friendship Caboodle!

Boundaries. Do we really need them? Of course! Otherwise, you’d be using my toothbrush without hesitation or something [ew].

We all have our personal spaces and when people tend to overstep and invade that, we go red-alert! This is natural and part of human nature…but, what about the other stuff…? Like liking someone who’s ten years your senior or falling in love with your best friend? There are norms and then there are those who are norm-breakers; subscribers to Taboo; the renegade; the unique; the strutting-to-my-own-music types. How do you separate what’s right and wrong? Do you solely base it on religion? What if you have no religion? Do you base it on what society dictates? Who made the rules?

I guess there are obvious answers and then there are those that seem vague enough that you have to question it in all angles.


I just felt like writing about friendship and how often times, people are afraid to take it to the next level. Didn’t somebody coin the phrase “Love is friendship set on fire…” or something like that? I mean it’s a no brainer why sometimes you fall in love with your best friend or close friend -he or she knows you like you know the exact way to scoop out booger from your  nostrils! Your bff knows all your pressure points; your funny bones; how your tear ducts can be activated via remote control… in short, he or she could be the perfect partner.

Of course, I am not saying that all BFF’s tend to fall in love. I mean, if I was to make the choice between my best guy friend and James McAvoy proposing to me… that’s a different story. But kidding aside, I believe that the best relationships are born from deep friendships. Which is exactly why I cannot fully understand why people make this excuse: “I am afraid to ruin or lose our friendship if ever being more than friends does not work”


Yes, I admit that there will be changes -big ones! However, if you really think about it, your friend is supposed to be the one person who can understand you the most. Both of you have a strong foundation that makes you say “No matter what happens, we’re friends forever!” So, unless you are not sure of this friendship [or you’re just insecure holistically] then you might want to consider just how much you have faith in each other. I don’t think it’s fair that you let fear take your one chance at reaching happiness at a different level. Besides, even if you do fight, in the end, because of this deep friendship you have, you will regain what is lost and eventually, get back to just being bff’s…and I believe this can be done because if you really want it, you will not hesitate to work for it regardless of what happened to both of you as girl friend and boy friend.

Then, there’s the respect thing. Some guys would say that they can’t get with their best girl buds because they respect them too much.


Does that mean you will not respect the girl you are going to have a relationship with? Will you treat your best girl like trash once she becomes your girlfriend? Or is it the fear of commitment that is stopping you? The fact that you know you can’t screw or fool around when you’re her boyfriend [and there goes all your fun?]

Hmmm… I don’t know. I’m babbling again. But, I guess I believe in friendship so much that I think it can transcend almost everything. Yes, I said almost -nothing is perfect in this life and there are some certain things that friendship cannot overcome. However, if you are brave enough to risk it; if you have extreme faith and trust for what you have built as friends -then go for it! What could be more magnificent than the feeling of being in love?

Unfortunately, if she or he does not see you in the same way -bummer. No really, you can’t expect to be loved in that same way automatically. No matter how much we want to escape it, we’re trapped in the REAL world. But the good thing is that you can always try (if you’re brave enough to face failure.) We all have our stories of unrequited love -boo-hoo! The thing is that you TRIED.

We all have our stories of regrets. I bet a lot would say “I wish I have not said it…” or “I wish I have not done that…” But guess what, one of the best things you can say is “I have learned my lesson…” At least, you can take something away from the experience instead of just wallowing or crying over spilled milk.

Okay, I’m seriously getting off-tangent…or whatever! I just want to say: GO FOR IT!



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    February 19, 2012

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