This is My Psychosis

That Nagging Feeling…

I have been repeating this certain phrase in my head. I do not know why. It says: “She died of a broken heart, her eyes wide open shut.” Although I can make sense of it, I still feel weird about it. So, what else is there to do? Make a poem about it!

The poem, for me, speaks of how women sometimes realize too late that their love for somebody has blinded them of the physical pains. Battery or beating up women [whom men claim to love and cherish] is probably one of the most disgusting and vile things in this world. Unfortunately, there are those who are willing to pick up this cross and continue receiving the blows of “tough love” for the sake of so many things and other people -except their own selves. There are others who have escaped and are now free from this but still, there are still a lot of females accepting this kind of fate.

I only pray and hope that they wake up and leave while they are still breathing…It is after all difficult and useless to realize the awful truth when you are on the floor, beaten up and dying…

I know it’s a morbid post-valentine post but I could not get the phrase out of my head until I pull the threads within it and weave some semblance of poetry…

She Died of a Broken Heart

She died of a broken heart
Her eyes wide open, shut.
Tears crawling on her skin
Her smile brightly dimmed.
She died of a broken heart
Her skin pale as snow.
Veins on her skin, etching,
Her story beginning to show.
She died of a broken heart
Her body of blacks, blues and hues.
With fist in mouth, stifling
The scream she had subdued.
She died of a broken heart
Her last breath cold and stale.
Shattered soul and broken bones
The price that love entailed.
She died of a broken heart
Her eyes wide open, shut.
She was spurned by love and hate
She realized too late.

koi sevilla-



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