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Make the 14th Count (Couples Edition)

I bet Cupid’s eager to see the results of his blind, aimless shooting. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner -in fact, I bet the weekend is going to be a prelude to D day. Well, that is…if you are attached or committed. February 14 has always been a day for lovers. Yes, it can be thought of as “love” day and encompasses all forms of love [Eros, Filial, Agape, Narcissism…] but the focal point has always been about lovers.

Sucks for those who are single.

However, I refuse to continue being sappy and pathetic about celebrating V-Day for many years as a single woman so I will refrain from blogging with bitterness and frustration. Instead, I will strive to make this blog as happy and fun as I can. I mean, I do hope and dream that my rocker-musician-nerdy future boyfriend/husband will come barging in on my life someday [soon-hopefully] but since he is definitely delayed, waylaid or out there getting laid [lol] – I will just write about what you can do with your lovey-dovey on the 14th.

I won’t even try to say “It’s okay if you do not get her anything…” because YOU SHOULD GET YOUR SPECIAL SOMEONE SOMETHING! However, do refrain from the generic and things that do not involve thinking. Speak with your heart, Shop with your heart! In fact, if you think about it, it’s the simple things like love letters, flowers, engagement ring [lol] that tickles the hearts.

#1. Don’t Just Buy Her Flower…Put Some Thought Into It!

Okay, I know it’s overrated and so cliché but women love receiving flowers. It’s ageless tradition. It reminds us of white knights and gentlemen. Yes, it is unoriginal but really, you can make flowers extra special and exciting! Don’t just go to a flower shop, pick the very first arrangement that you see and then buy it! Think of putting an extra oomph in it. You can try the Chocolatier Bouquet for example wherein the rose buds are Ferrero Rocher chocolates! [Nothing like some coco to make you go loco *hint*hint*wink*wink*] Also, never underestimate the power of a single rose [in her favorite color -if possible] Flowers will always make any woman’s heart flutter.

Example: Try giving her a single flower from Day 1 to Day 14…[err..since this blog’s a little late for that then just start tomorrow or something!] Place the said flora in places where she least expects it [just don’t put it in her underwear drawer- that would be “getting way ahead of yourself”] Or why not go the extra mile and write a short note with every flower you give…

#2. Do Wine and Dine Him…

I know some guys think that gift giving is just a chore or mandatory when you are in a relationship that is why gift-giving sometimes is mechanical. I am not an expert on guys and what they would love to receive on Valentine’s day [except for THAT thing…] but I bet the lot of them would not mind being treated to a romantic dinner. I know in this day and age women can wear men’s pants, so why not try them on for Valentine’s? I don’t mean to say that you do not get your fair share of flowers, candlelight, chocolates -oh my! It’s just that, maybe this year, you want to try wining and dining your beau instead of the other way around. Get him to his favorite restaurant and say “Honey, order everything and anything you like -this one’s on me!” After all, VDay is not just for you, woman!

#3. Do Something Different… 

So, you’ve been a couple since time immemorial and you have your VDay tradition since your relationship’s inception. That’s well and good -however, you might want to try something new and exciting. Instead of the usual dinner-movie-2nd dinner [you know what i mean *wink* you naughty thinker you!] try doing something both of you have never done before [abstinence, perhaps? LOL] Take a trip out of town -in a place where you have never gone to. Mix up your routine -in fact, mess it up! Have a come what may attitude! Propose! Be ornery! Be weird! It’s a good thing to spice up and liven up your relationship. Surprise each other! Keep that flame burning!

#4. Don’t Go on a Group Date… Without Spending Quality Time w/ Your Partner First…

It’s natural to want to spend time with your friends. Couples celebrate with their fellow couples -which is well and good. Nobody says no to a good time, right? However, keep in mind that you have to spend time with each other -alone! Celebrate one another sans the other couples…[You can do an orgy, later!] It doesn’t matter if it’s after or before the said gathering as long as you make it a point to have one-on-one time [and not just for the sex of it all…] Talk, cuddle, re-connect and just celebrate each other before you go celebrate with everybody else.

#5. Don’t Forget Your Mothers and Fathers…And their Folks as well…

Boys and Girls, your valentine should be first and foremost, your folks! They are the first ones who loved you and the first ones you love. They will be the last ones too. After all said and done, it is a capital offense if you forget to  show your appreciation and gratitude as well as your love for them this Valentine’s Day.

#6. Do Sing a Song… Do Dance with Your Partner…

Listen, it does not matter if you are a singer or not; a dancer or a guy with 2 left feet. This is the category wherein I can say: “It’s the thought that counts!” Pick her or his favorite song and sing it. You can opt to go all out and declare your love publicly by surprising her with a flash mob for Valentine’s day or you can hold her or him close, croon in her or his ear, while swaying and slow dancing to your “theme song” [THINK: McDreamy in Enchanted movie w/ song So Close…] I think people rarely do this nowadays. I don’t get why! It’s so romantic! You should not even wait for music or candlelights or dinner [or a series of lessons in singing and dancing] -In fact, why not do it everyday as well? Trust me – it will make hearts burn!

#7. Do Surprise Him/Her…

Do I even have to elaborate? It’s your special day… make it EXTRA SPECIAL 😀

I don’t care what your budget is for your date-capade but just to remind all you lovesters out there — money is not everything [though, certainly not bad to have] still, memories are better! 😀 Make the 14th count!


[*** my next entry will be for singles like me ***]


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