This is My Psychosis


There are many things that you are not allowed to do. There are a lot of actions, decisions and ways of life that will make people stare accusingly at you. Yes, it is pretty easy to get ostracized, be an outcast or considered spawn of the devil and weird. However, if you really think about it, people will do what they want to do (those with more guts get around to doing it -faster while there are those who gradually transitions into it…)

But, what stops us from actually pursuing something we know is not allowed culturally and spiritually? What if you really want this person you cannot have because you know it’s going to be considered a “crime?” Would you put more weight on the “norm” or would you go ahead and kiss him senseless without worrying about what people might think? Where do you find the courage to actually do it? Is there a long-term plan? A back-up plan in case things do not go the way you want? How much are you willing to pay for something or someone you truly want?

I guess the film version of the Broadway play “Rent” got me thinking a bit. No day but today so why not go for what you want? Why not love who you want to love? Why not spend your days, weeks and even months with people you like? Why worry about tomorrow when you can live today?

I am also reminded that despite the many things that can keep us occupied and happy -frivolous and mundane things that is or might be¬†considered shallow and costly -at the end of the road, we want something substantial. We want the party to end and the crazy music to stop. We want to be able to “Open that door and that special someone will be our shelter -without much baggages to be laid on each other’s feet…”

At the end of the day (whenever that might be) we want all the craziness to stop and we want certain things that are considered “crazy” to be part of the norm.

We all are living in this planet on borrowed time. Everything is rent, right? So why waste time trying to justify yourself to the world? Why ask for society’s permission and approval?

Be with the people you love and love you in return -including your faults and quirks. Love even when it hurts; even when you have to hide your feelings from someone you know you want and love. Love from a distance. Love in the moment.

Age does not matter. Nowadays, gender does not too. Social status is no longer a hindrance (at least, not as much as it was before!) Be weird. Be original. Be divergent!


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