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Cannibad Survival Guide

When we decided to go to Cannibad, Samal Island Philippines, we searched Google for information about it. We got a lot of suggestions and there were blogs that really helped us. However, there are still some few key things that everyone should know before they embark on the journey. We do not claim to be experts and I’m pretty sure a lot of people have gone there thus, added info and suggestions are welcome!

#1. The 10 Minute Descent

Here’s the thing, there are two optional staircases. One is located a bit further up the path and the other is the shabby looking one. If for some reason you decide to use the shabbier, mysterious looking one [because you’re swag like that…] then be prepared for an exciting trip downwards. I have not tried the well cemented one so I’m going to tell you about the hellish stairway to paradise.

It might take you a little longer than 10 minutes since the edges of the make-shift stairs are a bit ragged. The steps are uneven and some are just protruding corrals and jutting rocks. There is a make-shift rail as well but I think a person with osteoporosis has stronger bones than those. So, be very careful and take it slowly, steady and surely. Do take more than 10 minutes if you have to.

#2. Cottage or Tent

You can choose to rent an open cottage for 200Php [excluding the entrance fee of 30php for overnighters] If you opt to use your own tent, the charge is 50Php/night. I suggest a sleeping bag and a campfire. The rocks are smooth and small that they do not really pose any trouble or discomfort. You can sleep under the open sky with stars as your ceiling. Just don’t confuse the fireflies with falling stars. Mosquito repellants are a must-have.

#3 Food and Beverages

No corkage at all since you will be required to bring your own food. They can only offer to cook rice for you [30php/batch] and they provide you a place to cook your food using wood and coal. What we did was build a bonfire and roasted pork there -the embers helped for dessert as we roasted marshmallows. You have to bring water to drink because there is no fresh water available and you can opt to bring ice if you want to. If you forget, don’t worry because the kid there can buy some for you. It will cost you 4 Php. You can bring anything you want to eat or drink. If you can cook it -go ahead!

#4 Beware of Creatures

Jellyfish.Dogs.Flies.Mosquitoes.Little Fish That Bite.Hermit Crabs.Creepy Crawlies… typical jungle.

#5 Others/What to Pack

1.] Candles [just in case you cannot start a fire…]

2.] Charcoal

3.] Knife

4.] Matches

5.] Alcohol [not for drinking]

6.] Marshmallows, Graham and Chocolate =Smores

7.] Flashlight

8.] First Aid Kit

9.] Common Sense


So, are you ready for your cannibad experience?


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