This is My Psychosis

A Quick Blog… Prelude to My ABC of Criteria for THE One!

That extreme feeling of elation when you think you know who you want but end up finding someone so much better… I think every woman should experience love this way.

Sometimes, we are so set in our ways that we end up being too idealistic when it comes to who we choose to love. In case you are just a fetus and you do not know that we humans do not have the luxury of plucking out the one we like or love from the litter box of boyfriends and girlfriends, then heads up!

There are those of course who have found the “one” and are highly contented with their partners. But, you have to keep in mind that this solid relationship did not ferment on its own. We have to consider our partners as sandpaper; something that chafes us but at the same time, turns us into a smooth and shiny object.

What I am saying is that we should stop holding out for a hero. We should not look for the right person who qualifies only because he’s got the great abs that go with his charming smile. Let’s create a criteria for who we want to end up with but let’s be a little more realistic. After all, we know it is better to be pleasantly surprised than sorely disappointed.


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