This is My Psychosis

Oh To Be A Kid Again…

I am somebody who sometimes do not act my age… Okay, eyes rolled and eyebrows raised – I rescind. I am somebody who does not act my age -almost at all times! [Is that better now?] I don’t mean to be childlike and childish. It’s probably because I am partial to little kids and that I have hung out most of the time with people who are way younger than I. It’s pretty easy to relate with them.

Don’t get me wrong, I can be mature and way serious if need be. I do take my work seriously and when there are issues and concerns that need my “adult” attention, I strive to be one. So, let’s just say I’m a chameleon or a age-shifter. I can be your playmate [not in the hugh Hefner kind of way] and I can be your adviser, teacher, friend, girl friend [Still Available Tho’] counselor, sticker buddy etc…

Anyway, I just want to tell everybody that it is okay to be child-like once in a while. Just recently, we made the mall our playground. Yes, me and my students! [Well, I consider them my students when we are in class but outside, they are my friends!] We played hide and seek at a bookshop and Starbucks. We laughed and giggled as we hid behind books and bookshelves -not caring if the people around us were watching or shaking their heads in disapproval. Fortunately, the people who worked in the bookstore did not mind and they just giggled and laughed with us.

If our bosses and parents saw us, they would have shook their heads in distaste! Especially at me, who should not be acting like a child let loose after being caged in pre-school class all morning! But, I just laughed and I never felt more happy! It’s so nice to be carefree and just be giddy sometimes. I was a shy, timid and accident prone kid. I did not know how to be an extrovert and I never really did anything for the sake of just wanting to try it. I just usually went where my cousins and siblings went. I was a follower and non-individual. But ever since I found my confidence, I think I have taken it an extra mile or so. I rarely care what people think about me as I giggle and laugh like a hyena in public. I am turning 31 but I feel 13…

I guess this is the reason why people do not believe me when I say I am 30 years old…[Only proves that I’m baby-faced! LOL] On the downside, this might be the reason why some guys won’t take me seriously and they just keep me in their friend zone. Hmm…

I just think that we all should try to be a little carefree and child-like. Yes, child-like not childish! The world is full of so many things to do that does not involve stress, bills, money, deadlines and workload. There are things that you can do with friends, loved ones and family without having to cost you anything monetary! Run around with your friend! Giggle and laugh at silly things with your partner! go on laugh-trips and prank strangers! Anything that does not involve critical thinking; in-depth discernment and analyzing! Just go jump into the huge ass lake, fully clothed!

Trust me, when you are feeling too jaded and too tired – revert! Be a kid once in a while…

PinkySwear         PinkySwear


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